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SwishesFishes 02-09-2010 04:44 PM

Pregnant Guppy Questions
Hello All,

I have 2 females that are pregnant. We had fry about a month ago and they are getting large. However, since I got my husband interested in this, he is so worried with keeping the fry "safe". So I bought a floating hachery. I printed out some information on what to look for when they are getting close to birth. Her abdomen is very dark, almost black. She is not really eating and there were 2 males just chasing her all over and would not let her alone. So I placed her in the hachery. Is that OK? How many days can she be in there? I am guessing it is normal for her to be trying to get out of it??

Any info would be great!!

Thanks, Mrs. Swish

biokid101 02-10-2010 01:37 PM

if she gave birth a month ago like u said she may be close to giving birth again. so leave her in there for a day if there is nothing in ther the next day take her out or she will get really stressed and not give birth or worse die. it is normal for them wanting to get out now thats worrying because she may be stressed already.

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