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colley614 02-09-2010 03:02 PM

Newbie saying hi
Hi Guys,

I'm glad I've found this site as I'm mad about my goldfish and it gives me chance to talk to other people about them as everyone I talk to about them seems to think I'm over the top about 'boring' fish. Anyway I am a massive fan of the common goldfish. I have an 96L tank with 7 goldfish in and am thinking about maybe building a pond this and buying a bigger aquarium although I'm thinking of going for a community tank or turning my goldfish tank into a community tank and getting a much bigger tank so I can really GROW my goldies.

I have to great ambitions when it comes to my fish.

1. I want to try to grow big goldfish, this is one thing that really attracts me to goldfish is that the can get really big.

2. I want to learn how to breed them.

The thing that I've noticed is that I have 2 fish that are about 2 years old now and one has just got a lot of white spots on his gill covers and I'm worried this is ich. Any ideas what this could be?

Twistersmom 02-09-2010 07:05 PM

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Sounds like you might have yourself a boy goldfish. This thread may prove helpful, contains some good pictures of the spots I believe you are referring to.

colley614 02-10-2010 06:43 AM

Yes that is exactly what my fish has. Now I've noticed the spots turns out my 3 common goldfish are all boys. I was hoping for a little girl but not to any luck. I will have to visit the local fish specialist and buy myself a little girl. My other goldfish are far to young to tell their sex but they are sub's and red caps and I was hoping on breeding common single tailed goldfish, which are my favorite fish. My local fish specialist has really fantastic stock. Actually in my area I have 2 great fish specialists. I have a place called "Andy's Aquatics" which is an absolutely amazing place and another about 20 minutes drive called " Water world" which sells fantastic koi carp, they are massive and have amazing colors. I also have a pets at home but I wouldn't buy fish from them as most of their fish are either swimming up side down or have white spot or fin damage or something else like deformities. I feel really sorry for the fish, wish I could bring them all home and look after the ill ones but I'm not parting with my cash for sick fish.

Anyway as I'm new I'll explain a bit more about me and what got me into fish. It all started I think when I was about 7 and my Nan bought a fish in a little fish bowl from "Andy's Aquatics" (This is when he was in a tiny little shop with about 4 fish tanks. Now he has a massive store with hundreds of tanks and ponds). I used to watch him or her sit in the middle of the bowl, under his bridge watching the world go by. Eventually my Nan got fed up with the poor little goldy and gave him to me. So every week I would tip him into the sink while I would scrub him tank out with washing up liquid non the wiser as to how bad I was treating my best friend. Soon he died, so then I bought 2 more from the pet shop my mum worked in, they died too. Then I got to about 10 years old and I was allowed to go round the local shops. (one of the being andy's) So I used to bug him, at first I thought he was pushing these filter things and pumps just to take my pocket money and told me that I was killing my fish rather than looking after them.

When I got my first house I went out and bought another fish bowl and started again, one day I thought to myself I know I'll buy myself a tropical tank now I'm a big boy so I went out and bought myself a big tropical tank, anyway all the fish kept popping their clogs, eventually I went back to andy's and Had a good talk to him about it, turned out my tropical fish and shub's that were in a 1 gallon tank would live happily together so I popped the shub's in the tank, got fed up with the tropical fish and gave them to a friend. Now 10 years later I still have the same tank but have only had 2 generations of fish since as they are starting to live a lot longer now I spend a lot of time researching goldfish and understand them a lot better than I used to. This summer I'm hoping to build my first pond. I'm hoping to put all my gold fish into the pond and keep a breeding pair in my aquarium.

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