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Austin 02-08-2010 04:10 AM

Platy Pregnant? (any expert eyes? ;)
Well, I would reallyyy love to be able to be able to learn how to tell if my platies/guppies/mollies are going to give birth soon. All I can tell is when they are very fat and in the see-through ones I can see the eyes.

My platy looked like its stomach was squaring off but idk mighta just been pooping XD. Any expert eyes care to help? ;D

iamntbatman 02-08-2010 04:18 AM

Quick questionnaire:

1) Is she a female?
2) Is she a livebearer?
3) Has she been exposed to males in the past several months?

If you can answer "yes" to these questions, she's pregnant.

She does look quite pregnant to me.

Austin 02-08-2010 04:30 AM

Sorry, I meant my question to be something like "Will she give birth soon?" Lol. I know she is pregnant... How far along is what I don't know. Not sure I should move her into the breeder box... I'll probably move her out soon... Don't wanna keep her in there long unless I can catch her giving birth,... just seemed to me her stomach was starting to square... errr like the back part of her stomach was moving downwarddd idk how to explain...

1077 02-08-2010 05:06 AM

Breeder boxes and breeder nets often cause considerable stress to pregnant fish. So much so ,that they sometimes abort the birth prematurely and few if any young survive. Is often better to purchase lots of artificial floating plants like Bamboo grass or live plants and allow the plants to float on the surface . Young fish will instictively rise to the surface and feed and hide among the plants. foods should in my view be algae based or vegetable based foods with occasional crushed freezedried brine shrimp and or other dried flake food that is finely crushed for the young fish to feed on. After approx four weeks,the little fishg will be large enough not to be viewed as food for adults.
If you feel you must remove babies, floating plants are still good idea, Take a large ,clean plastic cup and place it near the fry while they are at the surface among the plants and by lowering the cup into the water, fry will be collected as well. Usually works best at first light when fry will all be at the surface expecting food. Some babies will be lost ,but by using the plants,either real or artificial, plenty will survive without our intervention.
Have also found that java moss and or moss balls, are good for young fish who are largely herbivores and enjoy snacking on this as well as the tiny creatures(infusoria) found there.
These fishes have been having babies without our help for ions. I would try and provide said cover at surface and let fish do the rest. IMHO.

Austin 02-08-2010 05:24 AM

I took her out. You're right. And I have no way to tell when she will have babies too soon. ill be able to catch a bunch like last time my fish had babies I hope. the box is easier and I don't risk any getting gobbled up though :x

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