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CraigBates 02-07-2010 08:08 PM

Some Questions.
Hello all, Im new here and I have some questions. I just recently got a 55 gallon tank and its currently houseing 1 pleco ( not sure what kind but approx 3 inches) 1 Banded leporinus fasciatus ( approx 6 inches) 2 Corys ( not sure of type) and 4 other small fish im not sure of what they are. I bought the tank and the fish came with it. So I Plan on gettin rid of all the fish and only keeping the pleco, and I wanna get Cichlid's.

I wanna try to get 6 fish with either 2 or 3 breeds, but im here because I need advice but heres what im aiming at

2 to 4 convicts ( not sure if that is good or bad witch is why I am here, I've read alot over the passed couple of weeks and I have seen mixed things, I saw that convicts pair real easy and when they pair they start to breed and get even more aggressive and will kill other convicts and other fish. I also read that wont happen if there is enough room..and im not sure if I have that with a 55 gallon.)

1 or 2 Jack Dempseys or 1 JD and 1 fire mouth.

Any suggstions please? feel free to change numbers and breed types Im in need of all input thanks

CraigBates 02-07-2010 09:15 PM

No Good Opinions?

1077 02-08-2010 01:49 AM


Originally Posted by CraigBates (Post 321414)
No Good Opinions?

One convict,one Jack Dempsey,one Firemouth,one jewel cichlid Would be what I would go with. Jewel cichlid doesn't come from same part of country but could in my view work. Pairs of any of these fish will result in high agression levels if and when they decide to spawn and with the convicts, this would be on regular basis. You then would find yourself with perhaps hundreds of unwanted convict fry (babies), and other fish in the tank would be under near constant attacks from the adult convicts.
Would in my view need tank of at least 100 gal for other fish if convicts begin breeding.

rrcoolj 02-08-2010 10:55 AM

Yeah I would do one of each. If you want a pair go with the JD's and fast dithers. A pair of firemouths would also be cool. Convicts are cool to breed but they won't stop and they are not easy to sell since they are so darn common. They are great fish though.

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