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Willson 02-03-2010 09:31 PM

Male Acara Harassing New Female
I have had a male Blue Acara in my aquarium (5 ft) for about 4 weeks. At the time i thought he was male but still wanted to wait to make sure.

So i returned to the pet store and purchased what i think is a female Acara. I put her in the tank last night and since then the male has been chasing her and harassing her almost constantly. Its like hes just looking for her because i put in a couple of gold fish at the same time to absorb some attention but they have just been ignored.

What should i do ? Just return the fish? or should i go buy another Acara or Firemouth or something to divert the attention?

Thanks for the help and your time.

rrcoolj 02-04-2010 04:37 PM

In a 5ft tank with blue acaras especially you should not be experienceing too much aggression. Assuming they are indeed blue acaras and not something like a green terror give the female places to hide first and foremost. Goldfish are only good for cold water fish tanks. I would reccomend something like a couple of firemouth cichlids. If it is indeed a male and female just be patient.

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