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soundsdigital 02-25-2007 06:24 AM

Dwarf Gourami Fungal Infection?
I have two dwarf gourami and 4 tiger barb is a 120 litre tank. I know the barbs and gourami are not ideally suited, however the barbs being half the size of the gourami have showed no sign of aggression toward them and any squabbling has been kept between their own kind. The two gourami have shown a similar story, with each claiming their own half of the tank. I did a 10% water change yesterday and all was fine. Today I notice what looks like a trace of white fungus on the end of the fins of one of the gourami. Without being 100% certain of what it is, I do not know the best wat to treat it. Any suggestion, please? The fish otherwise is behaving normally. I could transfer him into another tank with two thick lipped gourami but am concerned that any transfer I do is likely to spread the infection to another tank.

soundsdigital 02-25-2007 06:36 AM

Ammonia 0 mg/l
NO3 around 20 mg/l
NO2 around 1 mg/l
GH around 8 d
KH around 4 d
pH 7.5

I am having trouble keeping pH down is this linked?

jandpgault 02-25-2007 12:19 PM

Whenever my ph gets a little high, I use 'API ph Down' and it always does the trick. If your ph is only at 7.5, then one dose of the ph down should get it down closer to 7.0. (2.5 ml per 25 gallons) Test you water later and if for some reason, you have to do a 2nd dose, I would wait 24 hours. Doses too close together can harm your fish, but I think one dose should be plenty to lower your ph.

scottysgirl 02-25-2007 12:23 PM

I would not bother lowering the pH of your tank--pH changes stress fish a lot, just leave it where it is. As for the white fungus, Blue or someone else will have to help you there :)

soundsdigital 02-25-2007 12:48 PM

Been to my LFS and spoke with a very helpful man. Bought some fungal treatment and was advised to monitor the pH but not to worry about it unless it goes above 8. He also advised reducing water changes but keeping a close eye on Nitrite and Nitrate as the water changes could be removing bacteria and therefore reducing what I think he called carbonic acid production. The other dwarf gourami appeared to becoming infected on my return and the first one was swimming at the surface and looking worse. Both are still eating and the barbs still appear to be unaffected. Added first treatment and crossed my fingers.

musho3210 02-25-2007 12:52 PM

never use Ph adjusting chemicals unless you are going to change there permanent ph level. If you move and your tap water is 7.5 but at your old home it was at 7.0, change the level to 7.0 and slowly raise the ph, otehr than that never ever use ph adjusting chemicals as it does more harm than good

jandpgault 02-25-2007 12:53 PM

best of luck. hope your fish get better soon

soundsdigital 02-27-2007 10:24 AM

The two dwarf gouramis are now pretty ill. One is struggling for oxygen at the filter. The other hiding. Both now refuse to eat. Now given 3 doses of the treatment (instructions say to give seven) dosed once a day. The barbs are still fine.

scottysgirl 02-27-2007 12:04 PM

:( I'm sorry to hear that, I hope they get better

bettababy 03-01-2007 01:07 AM

Can you please give the name of the treatment and the list of active ingredients on the bottle/packaging?
What is your water temp?
What kind of filter are you using and did you remove the carbon?

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