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aquariangel 01-29-2010 03:44 PM

New addition to the family
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Meet Karma our Albino Florida King Snake, the newest member of the family. She's been home with us since Sunday 1/24 and is doing well. She had her first meal in her new home with no issues and is adjusting well. :-D I say "she" but the snake is really too young to sex yet, approximately 2 months old.

She's about 16" long and very comfortable being handled but we haven't had her out of the tank yet, giving her time to get 'settled in'. She ate wednesday so by tomorrow should be ok to handle.

aunt kymmie 01-29-2010 04:15 PM

She's very pretty! Nice pics. What the full adult size on a Florida King??

Angel079 01-29-2010 04:25 PM

Aww do you have a picture of its whole home?
I'm not much into snakes really but that's prop just cause I got PLENTY out back and don't need add one's in the house lol

aquariangel 02-01-2010 12:55 PM

Hi Kymmie!

Adult king snakes average 4-5 feet. She had her first meal last wednesday and *ahem* did her business a day or so later, which is a really good sign that she's healthy. She's pretty active when it's quiet in the fish room, she's getting used to the family activity and doesn't immediately hide anymore.

Now that she's had a week to acclimate and has eaten at least once we'll be able to handle her....for now it's a slow go since it's been a week of no one touching her, and she's still a bit timid. Last night ~ 2:30 a.m. when i saw her out i carressed her body a bit then let her relax again. tonight i'm hoping to get her out of the tank and let her hang out on me.

Angel079 -

I do have a picture of her entier habitat, when i have a chance (and remember LOL) i'll post it. Right now she's in a 20 gallon tank. I grew up in the mountains with snakes all around.I was so fascinated that i used to bring home any random garter snakes, salamanders, newts, toads, etc....much to my mothers and grandmothers horror of course....:-D

Mean Harri 02-09-2010 08:37 PM

Beautiful snake. It's a shame they are so disliked in general. They are pretty awesome creatures. Congrats on this specimen.

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