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zombiefish610 01-29-2010 01:09 PM

Canister filter recommendations???
Well it's that time of year again and i'm getting a fat refund check so i was thinking of upgrading and getting a canister filter for my 55 gal. I've been doing some research and it can be confusing. One thing i do know is i don't wanna clean up any water from a leaky filter and i want crystal clear water always. With that being said, can anyone recommend any, pros and cons a plus. thanks in advance.:-)

Angel079 01-29-2010 03:12 PM

I always have and will always use Eheim's on my 55g's (Model 2213) They're like $70 online; they a lasting quality (Made in Germany not china lol) if you yourself wind up breaking something wile cleaning you can always get replacement parts; they're super quiet (zero sounds) I can adjust the intake & outflow any which way I want for plants & fish and I clean mine about 1x year.
If you look under my aquarium log here to the left; all the listed 55g's (and some of the smaller one's) are equipped with Eheim.

iamntbatman 01-29-2010 05:26 PM

I really like the Marineland Magnum 350 Pro filters. The biowheel adds a lot in the way of biological filtration capacity.

WisFish 01-29-2010 06:33 PM

I like the Eheim also. I use one on my 55 gal planted tank. They are quiet and hold quite a bit of media. I went with the 2217 model mainly because of this post:

ron521 02-06-2010 02:28 PM

I have owned a 2213 for about 10 years, only replaced the impeller and axle once. Am using it now on a 30 tank with a large pleco.

Note that the Eheim "Classic" filters, including the 2213, 2215, and 2217 are NOT made in Germany any longer, and have not been for quite a few years. They are made in China.

I do have a pair of older 2215's which have the words "Made In Germany" molded into the top of the motor housing. The Chinese made Eheims (including my own 2213) do not have these words, and if you look carefully on the bottom of the box the filter comes in, it will say something like "made in P.R.C" (Peoples Republic of China) on the bottom.

I should stress that, except for the words "Made In Germany", the German and Chinese filters are identical in appearance, and as far as I can tell, in quality. The materials and workmanship are absolutely identical in every component.

So, no worries about "Made In China", they can and do make good stuff.

Angel079 02-06-2010 03:58 PM

I'd wanna doubt that; cause I bought a 2213 just last NOv for a new set up and it says "Made in Germany" and I bet ya Eheim is not stupid enough to print that on there were it not built there...that'd be one big lawsuit...

ron521 02-06-2010 05:01 PM

Then Eheim must have two production facilities. I purchased a new 2213, still have the box, clearly marked "made in P.R.C.". The filter itself has no markings whatsoever regarding Germany.

Don't take my word for is a lengthy discussion about Chinese made Eheims from the Planted Tank Forum:

Mean Harri 02-06-2010 05:16 PM

Here is a thread I replied to earlier about this very topic started by someone else. Post #3 from me is my opinion.

Angel079 02-06-2010 06:35 PM


Originally Posted by ron521 (Post 320553)
Then Eheim must have two production facilities. I purchased a new 2213, still have the box, clearly marked "made in P.R.C.". The filter itself has no markings whatsoever regarding Germany.

Don't take my word for is a lengthy discussion about Chinese made Eheims from the Planted Tank Forum:

Eheim now made in China.. any good?

I donno what to say; mine has the known Made in Germany imprint on the plastic parts.
Also if I go on Eheims homepage in germany i find there production site is in Deizisau State of Baden-Wurttemberg and the new part they bought being under the brand name Jager is in Wustenrot in the same State.
I can gladly break out my german and send t hem an email if that helps...Cause whether here or overseas they'd be in some SERIOUS trouble if they labeled products as made in germany when they're not but made in china.

rsn48 02-07-2010 12:08 AM

Here is one of the best write ups you'll find on the net on aquarium filters. First my bias and why: I like Eheim's because they are quiet and well made. I recently purchased another of many Eheim's I've owned and I'm considering a second one. Below is a link you will find interesting, to cut to the chase the chap likes Rena's. I've heard several good things about Rena's, the only negative is that they have a slight noise (not noisy, just a slight hum). A hum wouldn't bother me if my tank were in any place but my bedroom; my current tank is going in my bedroom so noise is an issue.

The guy I am linking you to has maintained more aquariums than any one hundred tropical fish hobbyist would handle in their life times. He's a big believer in UV sterilizer's as well and based on his articles, I've purchased a Coralife 9 watt UV sterilizer for my tank.

I find it easier to print out his articles rather than read them sitting at the computer. The chap I am linking you to feels Eheim's are good but over priced.

Now for some last trivia that many don't know. Canister filters flow rate is based on the filters empty and the tubing off; the only way to truly know what your flow rate is, is by taking a one gallon jug and timing its fill time from the full canister with the tube at the height it will be pumping water. So if the fill rate is 15 seconds, then your filter is good for 240 gallons an hour. It is safest with Eheims to assume it will only be around 60 % as strong as advertised (I've seen them to be estimated at 50% to 70 % effective with media in them and pumping the water up hill). Eheims are a low flow filter, others are high flow filters. The reason the canisters are rated empty is that is the only way to have a level playing field as different companies will use different media so you wouldn't know if one flow rate was equal to another flow rate; if they are all rated empty, you know they can't cheat.

Anyways - enjoy:

Aquarium Filtration; UGF, HOB, Sponge, Internal, Canister, Wet-Dry & more.

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