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frmrgrl87 01-27-2010 08:57 AM

GloFish accidentally reproducing????
Has anyone had any GloFish accidentally reproduce? I heard from my LFS owner/operator that the company makes them sterile before it ships them out, but was reading on the Carolina school supply website that teachers could buy them and in refernce to the GloFish website, teachers (for educational purposed) could breed them. Also I found a website (based from the University of Florida) that said:

"The company licensed to sell the fish in the United States has funded UF research to determine whether the GloFish® can be made sterile, so far without success." Explore Magazine: Research at the University of Florida

Also on the GloFish website, one of the labs they had up (for use in an educational institution) was about cross breeding the GloFish with a wild type Zebra Danio since the flouresent gene is dominate over the wild color type. Was wondering if anyone ever had this happen.

Also on page five (the very last paragraph) of The Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society, Inc's "Finformation" newsletter published in April 2004, they say that clames that GloFish are sterile are false.

Everywhere it says that breeding is prohibited, not that it is not possible. What if my fish just decide to "get it on"? Am I going to be in trouble? Why does noone mention this when you buy them? Do fish stores think that noone buys fish to breed them, or that we only buy one fish at a time so that they won't ever have babies? I did not buy my GloFish with the hopes of breeding them, nor did I add wild type Zebra Danios with the hopes that they would crossbreed with my GloFish. I do however provide suitable conditions for them to do so, since I am trying (some attemps more successfull than others) to get other fish in my community tank (tetras and mollies) to breed.

I currently have three wild type Zebra Danios and three GloFish, one of each color (the "red" one appears to be female while the others appear to be male, but either all of my wild type are males or they are too young to be carrying unfertilized eggs). I was wondering if I was safe, if the different colors could even interbreed, the lab (on the GloFish site) did not make any mention of cross-breeding colors, only breeding colored with "normal". I was just curious as to what my chances of "copyright infringement" or "patent stealing" or whatnot actually are.

Any insight would be appreciated.


iamntbatman 01-27-2010 03:44 PM

You should be fine. No one's going to be poking around in your house seeing if you're breeding them. The legalese seems directed at preventing people from buying these expensive, easy to breed fish and starting their own breeding operations which would compete with these copyrighted animals. They also probably don't want people buying a handful and breeding their way to hundreds of fish, thus preventing them from going out and buying the hundreds of GloFish they've always wanted.

So in other words, I wouldn't worry about it.

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