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biokid101 01-26-2010 02:28 PM

guppy fry adventure!!
i have about 20-25 fuppy fry and i want to share it with the world. ive been keeping guppys since january 5th 2010 when i got 4 adults(2 male 2 female) then i bought 4 more guppys 4 days later(3 female and 1 male) so at that time i had 8 guppys in a 5 gallon tank(dont say nothing i know it was a to little tank). after 6 days with them, one of my guppys gave birth i wasnt expecting that one to give birth i was expecting another one. so i caught like 15 babies.then later that day i had 2 more females giving birth.(hows that for a first time ehh) and i caught around 5 from each so i had 30 or more.some got eaten cause i was to late.then 3 days later all those females that gave birth died on the same day.(aint that wierd) then i lost another male and another female that didnt give birth and a cory. so im left with 2 male 1 female and about 20-25 fry. i have never kept fry before but i have been researching. they are 10 days old today and they r growing rapidly! if anyone has a story about guppy fry im willing to listen and compare notes.soo yeppp :) and im going to post an update everyday about my fry and tell u guys how they r. k now its ur turn.

biokid101 01-27-2010 02:56 PM

guppy fry are 11 days old and when i got home from school i found one that looked like a U but not as steep. should i kill it or let it live?

biokid101 01-30-2010 02:49 PM

well thx for the help :/! i ended up killing it. i mean feeding it to the adults. and then another two i had to kill cause they were deformed. but the rest are two weeks old!! they r still small and i need big should they be at two weeks old?

fryup 01-31-2010 03:21 PM

size depends on .... you feed them iv its a mix of things eg. flakes and worms then they will grow faster
2. quality of the parents ...if the parent are in good shape then the babys will develop well
3.temp of water ...higher temp will make them want to eat more and in doing so they will grow faster and .

i have a baby thats 16 days today and 5 that are 4 days old :):):)

biokid101 01-31-2010 07:24 PM

all my babyes r 15 days old. all their mommys died cause they r the fry of 3 females.i feed them crushed freeze dried bloodworms and crushed flakes mixed so i hope that helps. the temp of the water is 78

fryup 02-01-2010 02:57 AM

that my story females died after birth due to swimbladder and i feedm my babys crushed/powdered flakes and tubifex worms....:):):)

eileen 02-01-2010 01:08 PM

Sorry to hear about your fish loss. Was your tank cycled before you put the fish in? If the tank was a new set up and it was cycled you added to many fish at once and the cycle got messed up and thru the cycle off. That is why you are having problems with the fish loss. You need to start all over in your cycle. To make the water better do water changes everyday. With all the babies you might need another tank or you can put them in a plastic tote with a filter & heater as long as it holds 2 gal or more as they do not make heaters for anything smaller then a 2 gal. Filters are cheap at Walmart and you can get a 2-5 gal. heater for about $7. Get a API test kit to test the water at a pet store.

I have raised guppies and here is what I found out. If you like the color of the males only keep males together. I had the females in another tank less stress from the males harassing them. If you have alot of floating plants and plants at all levels some of the babies will survive in the main tank. Problem with this is that the water goes bad with all the fry and the feedings.
I now raise platies as I have noticed that the platies are not as agressive with the females like the guppies are. Both sexes are pretty over guppies because the females are a drab color. It also takes awhile for the guppy babies to grow to a good size. You will have to buy another tank to raise them in.More money and expense. Guppies are hard to rehome as they have babies so often every month and about 25-50 a drop you will not be able to keep up with the babies. Alot of times they are posted for free on Craigslist.

If you buy a bigger tank of 20-25 gal. you can have a good community tank and have 1 angelfish, or dwarf gouarmi, a small school of tetras and the livebearers. You buy the angelfish as a baby and it grows up with the other fish and you should not have a problem. But only get 1 big fish angelfish grow to about 5-6" when full grown. 2 will be a problem as they may get aggresive when they get bigger or pair off. If it is planted you will have some babies survive the other fish will take care of the excess babies by eating them. This would be the perfect balanced tank and you can have a small QT or hospital tank like your 5 gal. for new fish you get to QT or when not in use for baby fish. You can also get a breeder net to hang in a 20-25 gal. tank to raise babies. They will have to be big enough not to fit in the biggest fishes mouth. Guppies are called the million fish for a reason. It can get out of hand in a few months time.

biokid101 02-01-2010 06:33 PM

i did cycle my tank. i havent had another problem with my guppies...yet.. my one female that i have left doesnt even look pregnant and i got her 3 and a half weeks ago. her gravid spot is clear and shes not fat. i want her to give birth to see fry and get excited and raise them.,, but i dont want her to because i will have to much and i dont wanna over stock as i have 3 female swordtails in my 36 gal.(speaking of that i just looked in the tank right now and saw my neon and marble female swordtails FIGHTING OMG THEY WONT STOP.think fast biokid)!! my neon is heavily pregnant and i dont want them to die!! i wanna raise some swordtails.

im 14 and my bday is in april so in a year i can get a job(and hopefully get my own room) to raise my own fish and get money to get another tank.
ahh neon is getting chased!!!! i cant do nothing!! ok now shes hiding.. sry a bit of a drama there.

so yea my guppy fry r 16 days old and pretty soon i can tell male from female and im going to split the tank. i might put all my males in the 36 gal and take some of the fish from there out. and ill just keep the females in my 5 gal. depending on which ones i have more of males or females.

eileen 02-01-2010 07:42 PM

Sounds like a good plan. If you shop for a new tank for your birthday try checking craigslist they have the best deals sometimes and the free section has some people get rid of their aquariums. You can always get a divider for your 36 gal. so that you have 2 sides until you get another tank. Plexiglass works well (homedepot) has this or plastic mesh at the craft store like Micheals. It comes in different colors it depends how tall your tank is. Maybe your parents can help you with that. You can connect a few peices of plastic mesh with tie wraps so that it fits and put it in the gravel or sand.

biokid101 02-02-2010 05:25 AM

not a bad plan. my mom works at micheals so maybe i can get all that stuff.right now i am watching my swordtail very closely until she gives birth. well until i have to go to school guh.she probably will give birth when im at school which sucks. and i have one of those breedin nets but my mom wont let me put it in that tank

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