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chirpybirdy 01-26-2010 02:06 PM

Question on Aqueon 5 gallon filter
I purchased a 5 gallon Aqueon mini bow aquarium. The filter is built right into the top of the aquarium. It lays across the top of the aquarium with a tube that drops down to suck up the water. This seems different than the filters that most people talk about that hang inside the tank. Does anyone else have an Aqueon with this newer type of filter? Does it seem adequate for cleaning the tank? It seems so small and it seems to just suck up the water and spit it over the filter bag and then it flows back into the tank. How can that clean a tank? My tank has been up for 4 days and the water seems cloudy. I was thinking of taking the tank back if this filter is inadequate and trying a different tank. But would rather not bother with this if anyone had any advise about this type of filter. Maybe they do work but I just have not given it enough tiime?

OoohBarracuda 01-26-2010 05:25 PM

is it like this but smaller? AQUARIUM Products AQE100006078 Power Filter 55#

i run 2 of these on my 46 gal. you can never overfilter right?

it has been doing its job well for over a year now, i don't have experience with the little ones though. but i personally like to use a larger filter than my tank would require.

did you make sure to rinse the new filter cartridge before putting it in the filter? i got cloudiness once when i forgot to rinse.

beetlebz 01-28-2010 12:05 AM

i have not seen the aqueon, but id assume its just like the eclipse hoods. I have an eclipse 5g hex with the same type of filter, its weird, the water flows across the pad that lays flat... but while i dont get it, mine seems to work just fine! I have a single male betta in mine, and at one time had a snail too, did the job right and the filter pad did in fact collect debris.

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