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1stAquarium 01-25-2010 03:20 PM

Guppies dying just before giving birth
I am treating my 29 gal tank for ich. The only casualties I have had are three pregnant female guppies, all of which have died in the past week or so, when I was sure they were on the verge of giving birth. Do you think this is directly related to the ich and the pregnancy? Or maybe it is due to the fact I have put my temp up to around 81 degrees to help combat the ich? All my other fish seem fine, the white spots have gone on the 3 fish which had them, they are eating fine, water parameters are fine etc. None of the three fish which died had showed any visible signs of ich.
I have 1 large pregnant guppy, 1 pregnant balloon molly and 1 pregnant platy, also 5 large female guppy fry, some of which are also pregnant. Do I need to remove these fish from the tank before something happens to them nearer birth too?

Madilyn 01-25-2010 04:10 PM

What type of Ich treatment are you using? Depending on the type, it could be causing the issue. I have had my temperature at around 82 before for when my females were birthing, and they did perfectly fine. I doubt that the temperature would cause them to die.

1stAquarium 01-25-2010 05:57 PM

Do you think it is the treatment or the ich itself? I am also treating my other two tanks for ich so I can't really move them into there, there would be no point. I dosed the tank on the 1st and 4th days, I have nor seen any more signs of ich but I don't know whether to dose again on the 7 th day as it says you can on the bottle. I am using anti-white spot by interpet.

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