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ThetaSigma 03-03-2014 03:14 AM

Lethargic and Sick Swordtail
It started a while ago. I got some neon swordtails from petco. They did not make it. The male was shimmying and died, and the female jumped out while the cover was on properly. She managed to jump out by the filter.

I went back, thinking it was just bad luck, and got three more; one male and two females. This morning the male was dead. The females were doing great, and I have guppies in a tank with the same water parameters. I add Epsom and baking soda for ideal live bearer conditions.

Now, though, one of the two females is laying on her side and gasping, and the other seems okay, but tends to stay by her tank mate mostly.

The one laying down and gasping almost appears to have a fry stuck. It's been there all day. Yesterday she was fine. My red wag swords are all doing amazing. They're from the same petco. Is it possible that the neons are in poor water or came to the store sick? I had three die already and I don't want to keep buying ill fish.,

The red wag swords have been doing amazing in water that's just fine.

Also, a question about the non sick swordtail female. She has what looks like an ovipositor (sorry, I have bettas and that's the only wording can think of). It's the usual white color, and size.

Is it likely that they both will die in QT? The red wag swords were on a different side of aquatics. Is it possible that the water was poor quality in the neon tank?

I've had bettas, and this is my first couple weeks of a forray into livebearers. My water is super soft, which is why I was adding the Epsom. I heard they don't do well in soft water.

The less sick female is also clamping her fins now.

I'm on my mobile and my laptop is acting up, but I'll see if I can post a video later.


Also, any suggestions for swordtail and guppy food at petco?
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ThetaSigma 03-03-2014 03:19 AM

The sick ones gravid spot is really low and it looks like it's about to fall out. If they're sick, will it spread to my bettas? I used the same bucket for a water change. D:
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ThetaSigma 03-03-2014 11:40 AM

She died during the night. D:
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Crazyfish 03-04-2014 06:15 AM

Did they look sick at the pet store? I'm guessing you're bringing home sick fish and the additional stress is putting the nail on the coffin.

jimscott 03-04-2014 10:40 AM

:-( What is the temperature in the your tank?

ThetaSigma 03-08-2014 03:30 AM

They did look rather ill, but I was told they just we're put in. The last neon swordtail died four days ago, followed by a guppy the next morning. Both looked as though they had a form of hemorhagic septicemia. I hope that it does not return, as the remaining fish are healthy and active so far, and I'm really attached to my bettas.

All the female red wag swordtails have visible ovipositor-like (their anuses possibly?) things in front of their anal fin. They also are very fat. I believe they are going to drop fry soon. Hopefully they'll make it. They don't seem sick at all.

My tank is a little warm for swords, at 78 F, as they share with a betta sorority (and a male betta on the other side of a divider), and the bettas get lethargic in water colder than that. They're a bit spoiled.

Every time I do a water change, a decrease the amount of baking soda and Epsom I add back in by a pinch, because in the end, I want them to adapt to my water, as it's easier on the wallet and on the fish if I accidentally forget to add it.

Also, two of my otocinclus cat fish have died. I purchased seven last week, because I have heard of the high death rate. Is this a usual death rate, though? Or is it maybe something else? I've heard the handling is bad or something. Injured during transit or capture I think?

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