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Flint 03-02-2014 06:20 PM

Preventative Parasite/Disease Treatment in New Fish
I am in the process of re-sealing a 75 gallon tank that will be a goldfish tank. Here are the current plans for filtration, substrate and stock -

1 SunSun Hw-303B(1)
.5-1" of sand
A few Large River Rocks
Possibly Java Fern
250 watt heater
48" dual-bulb shop light (6500k bulbs)
Open top

5 Fancy Goldfish
3 Purple Mystery Snails
2 Albino Longfin Bristlenose Pleco

I am going to be cycling the tank with pure ammonia dosed to 4ppm and once it is cycled, let it run for an additional 2-4 weeks to establish a little more. Once I finish my cycle, I will begin adding the goldfish 2-3 at a time (it's a money thing not to stock completely at once) either weekly or bi-weekly. They will go directly into the tank and be the first ones in.

The snails will be quarantined in a 2 gallon bucket with 100% daily WC for two weeks. The plecos I haven't decided what to do with yet, I may put them in a half-full 20 gal tall I have with a cheap HOB for a month unless they can be treated with the goldies.

Once I have reached the total number of seven, I would like to give them a broad treatment to make sure they are free of parasites and diseases. I want these fish as healthy as I can get them from the start. I will definitely be using Prazi for flukes and flagellates, but was wondering if there is another preventative that may be beneficial in "cleaning out" these fish.(3)

Thank you in advance for all of your help, I appreciate it!
(1) Media inside will be the stock filter pads for mechanical filtration and the rest of the buckets will be filled with BioBalls for biological filtration. I will be adding a second Hw-303B once the treatment period is over.
(2) Temporarily, there will be 7 goldfish, 5 snails and 5 plecos. The goldfish will be 2-3" when purchased, the snails 1.5" and the plecos 3". I'm doing the QT process and treatment on them for my husband's cousin who is also setting up a goldfish tank.
(3) I will be running this tank bare bottom with no decor until the treatment period is over. I want to be able to monitor fecal matter and the likes as well as do much higher quality vacuums during this period.

atwilson1972 03-13-2014 08:26 AM

i am also interested in treating before entering into the main aquarium.
i have been in the habit of treating all of my new fish with coppersafe in a minor dose, and have used clout sometimes as well. but would like to know more about what is a safe treatment for various types of fish before adding them.
i have quarantined fish for weeks with no problem and once adding them, i start to see items like bloat type stuff or flukes.
because of this, i always try to treat my fish with a mild treatment.
what is safe for different fish, such as scaleless, or sensitive fish, or for snails or plants?

rsskylight04 03-14-2014 02:22 AM

I would be especialy interested in quarantine procedures for plants.
Thanks Flint!

jimscott 03-14-2014 08:32 AM

That isn't an east question to answer. What is safe or useful for one thing, like bacteria or ich, may not be safe or useful for another, like plants or catfish. Very generally speaking, a dye like Furazone green has been used.

atwilson1972 03-14-2014 05:34 PM

can a uv sterilizer be used to kill of items on plants and fish alike?

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