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Shooter311 02-24-2007 08:28 AM

Transfering babies
I was looking at my 110 gallon tank today and saw a baby platy in my tank. He was swimming around just fine but not hiding in any of my plants. I didn't want him to get eaten so I was going to transfer him to my one gallon tank, but I accidently pinched him in the net and glass. he died and my other fish ate him. I feel really bad and was wondering what I could do next time. how would you transfer him to another tank?

soco1125 02-24-2007 09:59 AM

Hmmmm... I've always just netted mine. You could try using two nets; use one to "herd" the fish into the other.

Lupin 02-24-2007 05:02 PM

I would just provide more plants to allow the fry to survive. Livebearer fry are agile swimmers.:wink2:

magic_marty 02-26-2007 08:11 PM

we use a turkey baster to suck up the fry as long as there tiny it works really well...

Shooter311 02-26-2007 08:24 PM

I wish I knew about the turkey baster before "The incident". Thats a great Idea thanks a lot.

Picklee 02-26-2007 09:10 PM

Heh, that's an awesome idea! I actually had the same problem once with a guppy that I pinched dead. I know how you feel... :cry:

Sadie 02-26-2007 10:40 PM

transferring frye
I use a bathroom Dixie cup (doubled, 3oz size. When I had my White Cloud Frye they were so tiny and didn't reflect yet I was afraid I won't be able to tell if I got them out of the baster.

I double the cups so they will stand up a little longer. I place the cup in the water gradually until completely submerged and sneak up under them and slowly bring to surface. Has worked really well for me.

I haven't tried it with my Platy frye,they have been hiding in the plants so well I discovered I have 4 today instead of 2. Only hold back possibly with the platy is that they are much larger and therefore much faster.

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