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Morales2k 01-23-2010 11:56 AM

I found something that is very smal and alive... !?
Hi fellow enthusiasts!

I am new here, and while reviewing some posts here and there, I came to learn some more on fish diseases, which is a subject I am totally oblivious about... despite having kept my aquarium for such a long time... I never looked so much into it.

Reading about the white spots, i noticed and identified that my pregnant guppy has some white areas, looking like crust, might be ich.

Well, my tank has a history. Before having all these fish i got now, I only had the two pleco's and a tiger oscar. My oscar was like the dog on the house, my daughter and I played with him, as he followed our finger across the glass walls of the tank. I also had a bell that I rang everytime we were going to feed him, and when he heard the bell, he automatically started looking up expecting the mana from the sky lol he was a centerpiece loved by everyone... but he died of that darned "hole in the head" bug... I noticed it too late and he was already scratching himself against the stones of the bottom damaging himself a lot... I moved him to a smaller (10g.) tank i got for sickly fishes, in order to medicate him, but he died anyways about a month after that...

Having the two pleco's still in the main tank, I couldnt do much but heavily vacuum it... which I did for like 3 weeks in a row, every two days... taking about 15% off of the recommended waterline for my tank by vacuuming. At that time, I was totally oblivious that one is supposed to get chemical readings on the water, and everytime I saw that on the store I thought it was for taking readins on pools for human use... no one ever told me really... I just learned that reading in here... So I will have to go get me one of those testing kits.

Despite the crusty findings on my guppy, I kept looking around closely inside my tank and I saw that on some of the more porous stones, there are these flea-like critters (insects?) that lurk around... I looked very hard and saw like two or three in different stones... I may rid myself of them by vacuuming, but I am not sure what are they, what caused their being there in the first place, and if they are dangerous or benign to my tank's environment... From looking at them, they seem a lot like the flea diagram they have for the acuatic fleas that are typical in the beach... a clear black dot around where one would expect the eyes, and it also has like 4-8 legs, it also dashes quickly in a shrimp-like fashion (he goes: now u see me *dash!* now u dont) when it hides under the rocks.

Quick note on how I added stones and stuff to my tank:
Every stone is either collected from the beach, or purchased at a store. The white "chicken-egg" like stones I got are from a home-depot like store.

Everything was put into a bucket, and left in there with tap water (in here it is very heavy and chlorinated) and I added one cap of clorox to it to kill anything it might had... this was then capped and left intact for a few weeks. I changed the water on it, rinsed it, brushed the stones, filled the bucket with only tap water and left all the stones in there for another week or two... (cant remember exactly it was a long time ago). After that I considered the stones and whatever else, aquarium ready, and I added them in the next water change, as to not stress my fishes by sticking my hand in there when not absolutely needed... ;)

I know it would be helpful if I could get a pic of that darned critter... but my camera sucks (2mp and its stuck in my phone so it wont be too good at all), and that thing is too tiny... any ideas of what it could be!?

Thanks in advance!

FrogHerder 01-23-2010 03:11 PM

Maybe some help on this thread (maybe not):

Morales2k 01-23-2010 09:07 PM

Oh yes, I think that helped a lot... it seems I got the same "bugger" as him... odd that I never introduced anything... it simply came out of the fabric of life itself lol because I know for a fact that it was NOT in my tank... *shrug* Well I will just enforce more bottom vacuums taking out just a little bit every day and replacing with good de-chlorinated tap water... and see how that works out...

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