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Brandon 02-23-2007 07:15 PM

car aquarium??

Matt 02-23-2007 07:18 PM

Thats Awesome......
Does anyone Know what that Plant is in the Front Seat?
Thats what I want.

Amphitrite 02-23-2007 07:19 PM

That's bizarre. Must have taken a bit of doing :?

Lupin 02-23-2007 07:46 PM

Someone must have way too much time and money.:lol:

joeshmoe 02-23-2007 08:09 PM

what happins if they have to take out dead fish or two :? how do they feed

Matt 02-23-2007 08:13 PM


Originally Posted by joeshmoe
how do they feed

Probably just open the sky

Melissa 02-23-2007 08:40 PM

thats the coolest car i have seen. Just imagine how much sealing it took to get it not to leak.

Dk 02-24-2007 01:55 PM

I see they left the seats ect in there. WOuldnt you be worried of chemicals leaching into the water from seats plastics ect? not to mention all the nooks and cranies for waste and old food to be stuck. Sorry just thinking practically.

sazzy 02-24-2007 02:09 PM

thats really quite impressive ART . . . but i cant not feel alittle upset for the fish
i cant imagine the artist being able/allowed to put the fish into harm though?

musho3210 02-24-2007 03:35 PM

i dont think it was a car to start off with, i think it was a custom built aquarium in the shape of a car, what person would buy a 20,000 dollar car, then spend like another 20,000 dollars on making it an aquarium? Even if they do say they "converted" it

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