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Rue 02-23-2007 05:53 PM

Are 75 g aquarium kits non-existant???
55 g kits are available everywhere...but I can't find any 75 gallon kits, so I'm assuming you're on your own???

Now I don't know the best way to go about putting everything together...

I don't think Petsmart can put together kits for a discount...

...wonder if Petland can?

I'm assuming the chains have better prices than small stores...

1. Tank -easy enough to find...price okay...
2. Stand - tough to find an appropriate (decorating-wise) wooden one...too hard though, to find someone willing to construct one at a reasonable price...
3. Filter - I've been reading the filter threads...I suppose the AquaClear won't be enough??? I was looking at the larger one that will do for up to 110 gallons...or do I need two...if so, what size?
4. Glass top, buy lights separate so I can get the right kind of lights for increased plant growth? Or get the lid/light combos?
5. CO2 infusor? Still haven't researched that at all...
6. Heater? Get one larger than absolutely needed, or not?

...and of course, a thermometre...

Anything obvious I'm missing or must have with a larger planted tank?

musho3210 02-23-2007 05:56 PM

you should buy a bare tank at petsmart ect, then go online shopping for other equipment you cant find there.

magic_marty 02-23-2007 06:35 PM

as far as a stand you can fairly easy build one at under half the cost of buying one.heres the one i built for our 55g..

I just built it 14 inches wide insted of 19 cause a 55 and 75 are the same accept the width and height..

Rue 02-24-2007 12:32 PM

Thanks guys!

I'd love to be able to build my own...but I'm a DIY dud! :oops:

I thought 55 and 75g had the same length and height, but the 75g was wider?

I'll see if I can order on-line, but if it comes from the States I pay too much S&H and I'm likely better off just buying from one of our chains...

magic_marty 02-24-2007 05:34 PM

Yes that is correct the 55 and 75 are the same accept the 75 is 6 inches wider
... :)

tophat665 02-24-2007 11:18 PM

If you're going to do plants, get the glass versa tops and plan on either doing DIY or plunking down some serious change for a pair of 4' double tube CF strip lights. Do not get the regular hoods - it's just not enough light.

Also, if you are going to do CO2, don't do an HOB filter. Get a cannister or two. The HOB filters disturb the water surface and let the CO2 out of solution. The Cannisters can be hooked up in such a way that the CO2 goes into solution in a CO2 reactor in the filter return, and unclutters your tank. You can also find inline heaters for Cannisters or even cannisters that come complete with integral heaters.

Do get or make a CO2 level monitor for your tank. There are a couple of resources out there on how to make one, what they are, what they do, and how they work.

Check Craigslist if you have one in your area - you chould be able to get a pretty good deal on the tank if you're patient.

Rue 02-25-2007 08:41 AM

Thanks! The lights have had me stumped, I never seen a properly planted tank in real life... I have to hang them off the ceiling like they do for marine coral tanks?

tophat665 02-25-2007 10:48 AM

You could hang them from the ceiling, or buy support legs for them or build them into a canopy. Or, if they dont kick off too much heat, and you have the glass tops, just lay them on the tops.

WPG works pretty well for 75. Moderate light is about 2-2.5 watts per gallon, bright is 3-3.5, and intense would be more than that. I don't recommend doing more that 2.5 WPG on your first real planted tank, or you will experience the joys of algae keeping on a grand scale.

Fixtures to keep 4 x 40 watt standard T-12 (or 32W T-8) bulbs will give you 2+ WPG - This is not going to be enough to grow a lawn of anything but Java Moss. You'll need 6 standard bulbs for that; it'll bump you up to 3.2 WPG - which should be enough to grow almost anything.

Compact Fluorescent Strip Lights cost a good bit more. If you were to go to, though, you can buy kits at a reasonable price for building them. They come in 13, 36, 55, and 96 watts. 2 96 watt and 1 55 Watt will give you 3.3 WPG. It will also cost you about $150 for the fixtures, and, brace yourself, $85 for the bulbs. Plus shipping. Or you could get a pair of 110W lights for about $150 each.

Not cheap. Shop around.

Rue 02-25-2007 03:29 PM

*eep* :lol: Not cheap at all...I'll really have to shop around! Thanks for all the advice! :D

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