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friaxh 01-18-2010 09:40 PM

Breeding Mollies and Breeding Guppies? First time breeder..
My questions are..

With guppy fry, what's an appropriate sized tank to keep them in to keep them separate from the adults so they have a surviving chance?
What requirements? Do they need filtration, a heater... etc.

I was thinking of getting one of those fry net things to keep them separate but would really like to save the trouble of trying to find them, or them even getting eaten or sucked into the filter of my community tank!

How will I know when the female fish is near giving birth to her fry? Can I keep her in the tank I will be keeping the fry in until she gives birth and then place her back into the community tank?

Would I need a separate nursing tank for each Molly and Guppy Fry?

My community tank is 20 gallons.
My extras are two 1 gallon tanks, and one ten gallon tank. I would prefer not to purchase any more if not need be. But if I do, it will probably be a standard 8 gallon. What do I need in it as far as gravel, plants, filtration system.. etc?

The same questions go with molly fry.. Tank requirements? Letting female give birth in nursing tank then placing her back into community tank? Or do I need one of the breeding nets in the nursing tank?

Sorry for the many questions!
I'm eager to breed my guppies so I can have a guppy tank. I think they're very pretty fish. So far I only have my males, because all the pet stores around are all out of females!

What colors/markings on both male and female guppies are ideal for having pretty fry (when they grow older)?

My two male fish has blue tail and one has a red tail. Petsmart said they are still young. They ARE still kind of small.. and the blue tailed guppy's tail is kind of transparent. Is he too young?


fryup 01-19-2010 09:56 AM

i can help you with the guppy questions but iv never kept mollys

guppy female will develop black (gravid spots) near there "behind" when there either ready to mate of are pregnant there also sometimes become a little aggressive towards other fish with in the tank and they obviously become quite fat...they are pregnant for around 25-30 days and give birth to live young that are usually colourless(but some do have colour) ...i also breed guppy and i keep the fry in the same tank but in a breeder net ...there easyer than setting up another tank because you dont have to set up another tank with a filter heater etc. feed them crusher up flake but crush them in to a fine powder so they can eat them...hope this helps...good luck..:):):)

Morales2k 01-22-2010 06:33 AM

Hi, I am new...

I also have guppies and mollies together... among other fishes about the same size, but no tetras....

Mollies were an experiment once I noticed that I had a surviving rate going on with the guppies. I had two breeding pairs, healthy and strong. Females had already gave birth twice when I purchased my first molly couple... it was a 100% black male, and a dalmatian female. The female apparently came into my tank pregnant from the pet store.

I got a 55(us)gal. tank, with coarse gravel and river stones piled on top of each other around the back wall... some fake stone ornaments, a little log house with plenty of tiny holes for smaller fish to hide... the river stones are polished in a way that they look like chicken eggs... when piled up the way i got em, it creates like corridors for fry to hide...
It works wonders for them as I once witnessed the birth of about 10 guppies and only 3 were eaten by voracious "uncles"... I fed them to "entertain" them while mommy gave birth, and it all went on ok... I had 7 new guppies that week... 5 of them survived to teenagers lol. My daughter was thrilled. hehehe

I am happy with that result... it is like a natural habitat, not 100% of the fry HAVE to survive... some loss will always be present even in their natural environment... just be sure to have the correct Ph, water temp. for your fishes and they will breed wonderfully when optimum conditions are present.

My mollies seem to breed as often as guppies do. However, unlike guppies, there is no dark spots to look out for... mollies are not so transparent as guppies... so in my mollies case, i notice pregnancy because they seem bloated. As soon as I see that lump in their underside, I know they are pregnant. Also they get a bit aggressive at times, following other fishes around... seems they get territorial when pregnant... but I need to research more about it... my molly has given birth twice...

I have found that with these two species, if the right water quality and temp. is present, they WILL breed... not much you have to do about it... if your guppies are breeding, and there is enough room for more fish in your tank, there is a high chance that introducing a pair of mollies will provide similar results as your guppies for breeding purposes. I noticed that molly fry are a bit more resilient than guppies... but they seem to give birth in lower numbers... I have never been able to count more than 4 at a time (that survive - never been there when she gives birth).

fryup 01-23-2010 08:55 AM

its looks a good set up for fry to survive does that :)....i love it when i find new fry, its exciting :):):)
and i love rearing them from tiny babys in to young adults :)

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