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Grimmjow 01-16-2010 07:39 AM

Further fish info?
Is there somewhere I can find out what kind of current and any other kind of setup info certain kinds of fish like? So i can figure out how to set things up and what kind of filter to get and that stuff.

fryup 01-16-2010 07:58 AM

what i did when i first started keeping tropical fish was....i looked up there natural environment for example gouramis come from small areas with little or no current so i took that in mind when setting up my tank......this way you know witch fish can live hapily with other in the current your filter will be kicking out...:):):)

oh and i then went and bought a filter that you can ajust the current on it to make it faster or slower :):):)

Byron 01-16-2010 01:31 PM

I am very happy to see both of you thinking along these lines. So many set up a tank with monster filters and stuff and then try fitting in fish that are completely non-compatible with the environment or each other, and wonder why they are always getting sick and sometimes die. I applaud you.

The filter in any aquarium should always be designed for the fish that will inhabit the aquarium. This means its scale/size (suited to the tank size plus the fish), how it works, degree of water current it generates, and how it filters (media). Having live plants (always a bonus for water quality) also has a bearing on filtration and current.

There are many of us on this forum who have experience with various fish; if you (Grimmjow) give us an indication of the fish you intend to keep in the aquarium, and the size of tank, we will be able to offer suggestions on filters.


rrcoolj 01-16-2010 02:02 PM

Well if your looking for cichlid info go to Cichlid-Forum Library -- cichlid articles, profiles, maps, projects, and videos. They have plenty of articles especially on african cichlids. The Cichlid Room Companion - Articles has good info on cichlids too. For other fish I like to go too Tropical Fish Profiles, covering the care and upkeep of many aquarium tropical freshwater fish, AC Tropical Fish & Aquarium, and

I agree with Byron. It's so nice to see people that want to provide an enviornment for the fish and not with the fish. IMO a fish tank should stimulate the natural enviornment of the fish being kept and we as responsible fish keepers should provide that.

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