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Misomie 02-19-2014 07:44 PM

Duckweed and Detering Fish
Ok, so I'm trying yet again to keep duckweed in my 75 gallon. However, it keeps getting sucked up by the main filter. I even tilted my sponge filter's flow to keep them corralled in one side of the tank. This worked for awhile, but this morning they were all back inside the filter (as the slowly made their way past the sponge filter and into the main filter). Do I have to put up some kind of block to keep them safe?

Also, my Rosy Barbs are back to their old habit of plant eating. I recently added new plants a few weeks ago after being bare for awhile (because they are evil plant killers! they even destroy Java Fern, but they don't touch Anubis). My plants were fine for awhile (and are growing great~) but these last few days the pack has began to devour one of the plants. I see their very obvious bite marks and catch them pecking at the plants as well. I know it's them, the buggers.

Anyways, how can I deter them from messing with the plants? I'll be moving them to a new tank but that won't be for a few months at least. :/

Sylverclaws 02-20-2014 04:03 AM

Aha, yes duckweed loves to get sucked into filters. =) Actually, Chesh gave me an idea for this one.

What you can do to keep it corralled, is get a pipe(like from bubblers or something thicker), or a type of rubber or plastic tube that is safe for a tank and use the sticky cups to make it stay on the sides of the tank and corral the duck weed in there.

However, as for your fish eating it...I have no idea if not putting it in a netted or fully blocked off area. My mollies ATE all of mine, the corral turned it into a buffet for them...Hopefully someone can give you an idea for that part aside from a netted or blocked area, because I never found a way myself. ^^;

Austin 02-20-2014 04:54 AM

Also an option is trying larger floating plants such as water lettuce or amazon frogbit or those slightly larger duckweed-like plants.

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