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thistly 01-15-2010 03:12 AM

Not sure why dwarf gouramis died?
My two honey gouramis died within a day of each other :(
Yesterday the first one bloated up monstrously, and seemed to have a dark spot towards the back of its guts, visible when the light shone through. In case it was just constipation I fed cooked peas, but doubt the gouramis got any as they were pretty miserable looking, and not interested in food.
The second one bloated a little this morning, and this evening they're both dead (though, one floating, and one on the bottom of the tank...?)
nitrites and ammonia are nil, nitrates just barely registering, hardness and PH good.

However there's a couple of things it could have been.
A week before, a clown loach broke out in ich, so I raised the tank temperature to 30 degrees celcius, as I couldn't use any strong medication with corys and other no-scales in the tank. So it was about four degrees warmer than usual, with very mild dose of ich treatment in there... The gouramis fell ill after nine days of treatment... surely if the loaches etc could handle the meds, the gouramis should have been able to? Was using wunder white spot cure...Ich gone, thankfully.

And (here's what I'm really worried it could have been...) I try and feed all sorts of varied stuff, flakes, pellets, algae discs, veggies, blood worms and live brine shrimp and (accidentally) minnow fry, and I put a couple of floating Hikari oranda pellets in there, the very day they died, and they're likely the only fish to have eaten them from the surface.
Any thoughts as to what it might have been? They were very pretty and friendly,and I miss them in the tank :(
Would like to know what killed them, before thinking about replacing them, of course.
Could something (colour enhancing/wen growth ingredients) in the oranda food have been deadly?

Romad 01-15-2010 06:18 AM

I can't help with your question about that particular type of food since I have no experience.

Just wanted to say I'm sorry you lost your fish and hope you get to the bottom of it soon.

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