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dmji 02-22-2007 09:37 AM

Two fantails but they have different body shape
Hi, my first post and I learned that Goldfish are Cyprinids already, well I think. :lol:

Anyway I have a question.

I've have my little faithful orange & white fantail for a year now, but he/she always seemed scared of me. Nothing worked, spending time quietly, feeding and casually walking away. So I decided maybe he needed a friend.

So I go to the store to get him a friend. I wanted a fantail around the same size, fairly small, but they only had slightly larger ones. So I get him a friend and they've been really happy for just over a week now. Good news is the new fishy has really brought him out of his shell and he now comes right to the front of the tank when I walk over or sit down to watch them.

But once thing I notice is the new fantail has a slightly longer body and shorter fins. My old fish is fatter & has more flowing fins. It seems almost like the new one has a little bit of a comet body, but with the fantail fins. So that is one question.

My other one is when I feed them the new one seems to chase my old one from the bottom. It doesn't seem agressive, as my old fish just returns to the bottom right next to him, for him to chase him up again !! Are they just playing or is the new fish being a little mean?

lioness501 02-22-2007 11:44 AM

sounds like they r just playin. im no expert on goldfish but i do have 1 myself in a community tank and have had him for about 8 months now, and all my family have them and i have never known a goldfish to b the slightest bit aggressive :)

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