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dwsmith43 02-17-2014 12:00 PM

new setup. fish variety assistance needed
Well i am finnaly at the fish shopping stage. 55 gallon tank in process of fishless cycling. so here are my first draft list. please give me input on quantity suggestion on how they get along. the place i am getting them from say they will be aprox. 1.5 inches and unsexed. Cobalt Blue, EB Johanni, Red Zebra,Acei and Yellow lab. would love to have maybe 10-12 fish with colors for grandkids to watch grow up.

dwsmith43 02-17-2014 02:51 PM

Here is an updated list after talking with coworkers that have cichlids. albino socolofi, EB johanni, red zebra, acei, rusty, yellow lab, clown loach and pleco. now for numbers. im thinking two yellows, two acei two loaches one of everything else.

Tazman 02-17-2014 08:17 PM

The fish in the first list are good to keep with the exception of the Johanni as they can be mean.

Definitely no to the clown loaches with cichlids, they require different water parameters, cichlids need hard water and clown loaches need soft water. Cichlids even though you have some of the less aggressive ones in both lists, are too boisterous to be kept with clown loaches. Also long term your tank is too small to keep clown loaches until fully grown. When adult they need a 125g or larger tank. Yes they are slow growing but will you be getting a larger tank, hard to say unless why not get a big tank right off the bat.

Also keep in mind that Red Zebra crossbreed with yellow labs, so ideally you wont want to give away, trade or sell any of the fry from the tank.

Cichlids are also harem fish, ideally to keep aggression down, you would have 1 male to 3-4 females, you can go all male, although this can be challenging as if fish attack each other they need to be removed otherwise they will be killed.

If this is a tank aimed at your grandkids, then personally, I would look at the easier to keep ones, such as yellow labs, acei, rusty and red zebra. That will give you a nice variation in color. Yellow, purple, brown and orange.

rsskylight04 02-17-2014 11:21 PM

Hello, nice to see that your doing research to figure out what will go well in your tank before you buy fish. Also thanks for doing fishless cycle, in my opinion its just more humane than subjecting fish to less than great conditions.
Agree 100% with tazman. Clown loaches are maybe my favorite fish and I was lucky enough to have a school of 5 in my 75 gallon tank. Well, that was great when they were young, but after a couple years it became clear that they were going to get way too big for my tank. I had to give them away to a friend with a 180 gallon tank. I was devastated.
Lesson is: research and plan first before getting fish that are unsuitable for your tank.
Finally, I would 86 the pleco. They are interesting fish, but most varieties get very large and all are very heavy bioload.
Good luck!

dwsmith43 02-19-2014 10:19 AM

Super help. Love this site. So here is next hurdle. Numbers? My problem is the online shop does not know sex. So should I just hope to get lucky and weed out bullies. I have a empty 40 gal. Homemade tank I could set up in guest bedroom. Also have friends that are fish friendly. Would like to end up with say 12 fish of labs, acei, rusty and zebra.

Agent13 02-19-2014 11:03 AM

As they get bigger they'll be easier to sex. Color will change a bit with some and the shape of the anal fin I find to be the easiest to sex little ones. Males anal fins are more angled and pointed to the back while females are more rounded. A little practice and you'll get it.
As for the johanni, yes they can be mean.. However so are the red zebras. I wouldnt worry about that much if you're starting them all young together. In the past I've had an Acei rule a mbuna tank.. Now I have a nasty mean Rusty ruling my mbuna tank even though its full of some notoriously more aggressive species.

dwsmith43 02-19-2014 12:44 PM

Thanks for the reply. Do have any idea as to how many of each I should purchase? I was thinking maybe 4 labs,4 acei, 2 rusty's and 2 red zebras.55 gallon tank. 3 main territories and 15 or so caves/ overhangs.

Agent13 02-19-2014 01:17 PM

You might want to do an odd number with the zebra. That way its harder for one to be singled out. They're a bit hateful . Or get 1 zebra and get more Acei... I really loved my Acei.. One day I'll get another. They are very pretty
Youre numbers sound good.. And dont worry about a bit of fighting. They'll fight to create a pecking order in the tank.. And its important to allow that. Its only when you see them lip locking when they fight that you should be worried.

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