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bearwithfish 01-13-2010 09:17 AM

so here is the new plan LOL
alright those who know me know that i often change my plans oh about 99 times before i get into one and then i move on it... so i am setting up the 29 gal "show tank with sand, some caves, and maybe some drift wood.
the big plan comes this spring/summer instead of doing a fish room in the basement (as thought about before we moved in) it will be cheaper and nicer to do 4 nice 20 gallon tanks in the dining room along with my 29... now the issue was space but my wife came up with a great idea!!! we are going to remove a build in cabinet widen the hole and build the tanks into the wall!! i am so excited!!
now i know the next part is going to raise an eyebrow or two and some may even suggest against it but for energy savings and ultimately ease of care for 4 units in a wall set up i am going to plum them all into a sump so i can run less heaters, lights, and only one filter instead of 4 seperate ones.. now i know that there is concern over cross contamination however after careful planning we decided that a station in another room will be the 3-4 week QT to keep it all safe from new comers and stock slowly!!!
the top two 20's will be divided into three and each space will house a male Betta :-D
i have not really decided on the bottom two as of yet i may stay with a male only guppy tank and then keep the other one for females or i may go a different way all together... the 29 by it self is my current project so i have time to think about it and plan out the plumbing and everything.. just wanted to share the base plan and get a bit of feed back.... i may even start doing pix soon as it will take months to get there but i want to show the step by step with this one....

Angel079 01-13-2010 09:50 AM

Hihihi....:lol: what sand white or black?
If you look under my aquarium log, I also used a heavy duty shelve to house few tanks in 1 spot (these one's for shops) but these day's I'd chose a nice version of it made out of wood :-)
Have you considered leaving the last/ top tank on the shelf open tank? With plants growing out of it?

If you set them up properly as you always done so far, proper QT for newbies...I think (pers) you're gonna be pretty safe with this set up.

2 undecided tsssss :roll: considered African Dwarf Frog set up yet? (something "new") Cray set up (like CPOs)?

So are you going to built this in a way that the shelf for each tank sitting on it is also the light 'holder' for the tank in the shelf underneath or what?

mrdemin 01-13-2010 09:56 AM

I really like that idea, its how the stores have their tanks set up basically. This should deliver a very clean look and cut the cost of equipment trifold. A q tank is definitely a must with this setup though!
Make sure all your friends need similar water params though :)

bearwithfish 01-13-2010 10:02 AM

ok so picture this two 20's side by side on the top with a light fixture built above and plexi tops. there will be a hinged "door to access if needed then under these another hinged door to light fixture and the other 2- 20's side by side also plexi tops. now there will be a space (not set on size yet) in between the tanks with a pull out shadow box which will hide teh plumbing to and from the tanks. total access and good looks!!! as for undecided the two on top will be Betta's no questions there its the bottom ones.... no i dont think frogs or crays (but one never knows until the time of purchase) the shelves are being built by me and i am gong to over build them so much that they will actually be able to support 3x the amount goin on them... can not do open in this case do to evaporation issues and such an enclosed space.. we are going to use green board to seal the area and massive latex paint to be sure but the plexi will help slow down the evap and the sump is going to be 85-95% sealed for the same purpose.. i think i need to get google sketch up and start to show plans LOL

bearwithfish 01-13-2010 10:03 AM

@ mrdemin.. oh yeah already had that in mind other wise a lot of problems i really dont want LOL

Angel079 01-13-2010 10:16 AM

2 ideas popping in my mind (and pls tell me off here if you don't wanna hear ideas, cause you sound very set there already)
Use outdoor heavy duty wood latax, that's what I used before even on backboard's that covered tanks w/out ventilation, works great (I used white to help with the light reflection).
Allow yourself a lil extra space somewhere's in the back of each shelf housing 2x20g where you could wire in a lil Computer fan to help circulation in the summer IF needed. You'd be surprised just how much help these lil fan's can be.

bearwithfish 01-13-2010 10:22 AM

yes ideas are always welcome!! :) thats the point of posting LOL.....i love the latex being white idea (and may use it) but i was almost wondering if staying with the natural sand i use would aid in the light enough to go with black paint? or even a nice blue for depth.... as for the fan i thank you a million times over i had not really considered the need... now that the ideas is there would a bathroom exhaust fan system work as well drawing out from the area and drawing in from the surrounding room? or perhaps a build in twin window fan that removes and blows in at the same time? hhmmmmmmmm need to give this part more thought...

Angel079 01-13-2010 10:42 AM

Pers I think what I'd do if you view the shelf as a box...I'd paint the sides and top's & bottom's white and the back (the background for the tank so to say) either dark blue OR I'd also paint it white but then attach window tint to the back of all tanks.

These normal $5-6 CPU fans work WONDERS to circulate air out - You can go the bathrom fan route; but bare in mind 1) these will be more expensive 2) take up more room then a CPU fan (good size is 120-200mm) 3) Generally much louder (Decent brand CPU fan won't give off 0 sound) 4) Not that I've tested it, but its safe to assume the bathroom fan pulls more power then the CPU too (which is contrary to your low power set up there)

bearwithfish 01-13-2010 10:44 AM

all good points... thank you... i will have to look around and consider the power, sound, and movement options....... as for color i like the tops and sides idea te best ... still thinkning though

Angel079 01-13-2010 02:15 PM

Well when your done building 2mrw (the way I know you) let us know how it turned out and post pic's please :-)

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