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jimscott 02-16-2014 01:11 PM

Are There Any Carnivorous Plants People Here?

jaysee 02-16-2014 01:28 PM

Nice plants you got there.

I have kept venus flytraps and sundews, but had not figured out how to keep them for more than a season. Truth be told I didn't really try. I enjoyed them very much though and would like to get back into them once I get down to NC.

jimscott 02-16-2014 02:14 PM

I had VFT's when I was kid and young adult. They die after a few months. I gave up on them, as being too hard.

Back in 2003 I made a spontaneous purchase - a Venus Flytrap. I had tried
them on and off since I was a kid and always killed them within months.
This time I was determined to do what I could to keep them alive. Well
it turned out that I, and just about everyone one else who has ever had
them, were treating them incorrectly, in a variety of ways. First off, they
are NOT houseplants. They needed direct sunlight. Secondly, we all gave
them tap water. Tap water has minerals, whereas rain water is almost pure.
Thirdly, they are temperate plants, which means that they experience all all
four seasons, to include a winter dormancy. Anyways, After buying a VFT I
bought a couple sundews, a butterwort, an Asian pitcher plant, and an
American pitcher plant. I also wanted to know their genus & species name
and the pots they came in were too general. So I went to Borders and Barnes
& Noble and found a couple books on carnivorous plants. I looked at the
pictures and figured a few plants but the the rest were just too difficult
to discern one from another. So I turned to the Internet and accidentally
stumbled upon discussion forums that were geared toward carnivorous plants.
There I learned a lot more about them and through them I accumulated even
more plants, via the trading post. I received plants and seeds and learned
how to cultivate them.

Flint 02-16-2014 02:31 PM

I've been DYING to grow some carnivorous plants from seeds. Especially VFTs.

jimscott 02-16-2014 02:40 PM

At the moment, my VFT's and other temperate plants (American pitcher plants) are with a friend, for winter dormancy. I do, however, have seeds of this plant on hand:


It's similar to a sundew and easy to keep in a terrarium / tropical environment. And the price is FREE! :-)

willow 02-16-2014 02:58 PM

nice plants.:-D

Flint 02-17-2014 05:31 AM

Our indoor humidity is 60% lol Only issue is LA is going through some major temperature issues atm. We had snow a few days ago....

jimscott 02-17-2014 09:22 AM

Snow?! L.A.? I know that "it never rains in Southern California"... The Weather Channel mentioned something about a "Pineapple Express" setting up, that brings rain from Hawaii to the West Coast.

For this species, and what I am guessing you might have on hand, all you would need is a tank with a fluorescent light, a bag of orchid moss (~$5.24) and a gallon jug of distilled water (~$1).

Agent13 02-17-2014 09:32 AM

She is in louisiana
Oh it certainly rains in SoCal.. Thy are about to enter their rainy sason very soon.
Speaking of SoCal... Thats where my mother is who has a very nice collection of carnivorous plants.
We do have a few of our fish people on here with nice CP collections.

Flint 02-17-2014 11:15 AM

I forget the LA means Los Angelos to everyone else. Kinda irks me, too.

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