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mikea079 01-11-2010 10:45 AM

the new 125g (omg)
yeah so, ok check this out. i guess it was a good thing that i got the deal on this tank that i did. i cleaned it all out and started filling it with water. i got about a 1/4 the way full and then notice a leak in the bottom :-?. hmmmm, i guess the sludge that was in it must have helped sealed it a little bit or i just scrubbed it to much. but anyway, i think that i'm going to scrap and reseal all the seems so i don't have to worry about this problem again. so instead of me letting myself get all worked up and let down about this i finally started working on the brand new 75g that i bought a couple weeks ago. it really felt good unwrapping it and putting it on the stand that just came in. it also felt good buying a bounch of goodies for it. i got the canopies, heater, light strip, and filter yesterday. i didn't buy any substrate yet because i'm not to sure yet if i'm going to just use this set as another grow tank or not.

Angel079 01-11-2010 02:32 PM

Oh no, sure hope you noticed it while filling it outside or in the tub or something, not cool...

Sure sounds nice there with your 75g...Grow tank? Like for plants or some your pretty dicuss there?

Jill0 01-11-2010 04:03 PM

I'm sorry about the 125g but I love your attitude and look forward to seeing the 75g all set up and perfect!!! Sounds like you'll get the 125g straightened out, too :-)

mrdemin 01-11-2010 09:24 PM

Wow 125g, my mom starts to turn pale when I mention this to her :) Hope you get it fixed soon... What better then setting up a 75g tank? Setting up a 125g tank ! Good luck!

mikea079 01-13-2010 05:36 AM

thanks everyone, i love how you help keep everyones spirts high

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