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Pamela001 02-13-2014 05:16 PM

Fight for Survival ?
Things are not looking good for my poor guppy Oscar Wilde. He has been battling what I can only assume it advance fin rot/ infection (red swell around the end of the tail, tail slowly receding)

I have been treating him with waterlife medicine, aquarium salt, de-stress, and water changes. This has been on going for two weeks. and while the redness has almost completely disappeared from his tail, I can see he is very weak.

He stays at the bottom of the tank for the most part (when the light is switched off) when the light is on he musters to the top of the tank to feed, but he is getting thin, not as quick to get to food as the other fish. I have started taking him out the tank briefly, in a container, feeding him, then putting him back into the tank.

I am just worried about him. everyday I am expecting to find him dead :( surely staying at the bottom of the tank is not a good sign ? he does swim around abit when he's up.

henningc 02-15-2014 12:40 AM

You need to put the fish in a QT tank and hit him with Amoxicylin.

Pamela001 02-15-2014 10:02 AM


Originally Posted by henningc (Post 3928386)
You need to put the fish in a QT tank and hit him with Amoxicylin.

I don't have a QT :/ I only have a betta tank....with a betta in it XD not very good.

I have bought a little isolation net thing for fry, aggressive or wounded fish.

I've put him in there, mostly because I am concerned, although he is recovering, he isn't quick enough to eat with all the competition. I have seen him getting skinnier because of this.

I put him in the netting and at first it seemed to stress him out, but after a while he was swimming around normal. I fed him again and he has gone back down to the bottom of the net. still alive.

am I overfeeding ? is it the usual 'if you haven't ate something in a while and then eat a whole lot it's a shock to the system.' I have another guppy in the net with him, a new guppy who is getting bullied by some very ambitious endlers.

what is amoxicylin ?

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