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DayleJessica 02-12-2014 03:50 PM

My fish are dying
2 Neon Tetras and 2 swordtails have disappeared over 2 weeks, took the tank apart (theoretically not literally) and filter and no sign?
No Signs of Ich, 25% water changes weekly fed once per day.... Im worried.
Slowly running out of fish, just found one of my dalmation mollies dead, my tank mates are listed in my aquarium log (if you can see it?) .

My molly looked like it had been attacked but would this have been what killed it or afterwards?

Thanks in advance,
Fishkeeper in distress.

Flint 02-12-2014 03:52 PM

What is the tank size?
Do you have a liquid test kit?
What are your parameters?

DayleJessica 02-12-2014 03:57 PM

110 Litres, no liquid test kit at present, parameters? Sorry....

yippee 02-12-2014 04:06 PM

+1 always start with testing your tank, it is the only way you are going to know what is going on inside your tank. Without knowing how everything tests we cannot accurately know what is going on.

How long has this tank been running? If your aquarium log is accurate, i would say you are severely overstocked in that size tank.. You also have several species that are shoaling fish that are not in a group big enough of their own kind. Bala sharks themselves can reach a size of up to 14-16 inches.

DayleJessica 02-12-2014 04:12 PM

Ok, Thank you for your honesty. i was never advised on how many fish and of what type to get.... How can i help them?

I may be a novice but im not naive i want to help my fish

Flint 02-12-2014 04:49 PM

An API Master Freshwater Test Kit is going to really help you keep track of what goes on in your tank and allow us to help you. Parameters are what this kit tests for, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate.

The neons are a great choice for this tank and you have a proper amount of them to keep them happy. The mollies will do okay in this tank, but prefer more swim room (IE a longer tank). The pleco will also do well in this tank. Now that we are getting to the cories, they are shoaling fish and need to be kept in groups of 6 or more. The same goes with the golden barb, bala shark, filiment barb and rummy nose tetra. The bala shark and filament barb are going to get much too large for this tank. I can also see a possible issue with keeping the golden barb with the neons, I am concerned about them becoming food for the barb.

My personal suggestion that you do to get this tank back on track is get a quality liquid test kit (NOT strips, they are inaccurate) and return the barbs and bala shark, add 5 more rummynose tetras and 4 more cories. I don't know that your tank is cycled due to the lack of information you received so that will be another big matter. I suggest you read up on the nitrogen cycle.

yippee 02-12-2014 04:59 PM


Originally Posted by DayleJessica (Post 3910610)
110 Litres, no liquid test kit at present, parameters? Sorry....


Originally Posted by DayleJessica (Post 3910722)
Ok, Thank you for your honesty. i was never advised on how many fish and of what type to get.... How can i help them?

I may be a novice but im not naive i want to help my fish

That is very good. There is a difference between someone who went down a wrong path and is willing to correct it vs someone who is knowingly doing wrong and doesn't care to correct it. That's what this forum is here for! Sharing our knowledge and love for this hobby.

For starters, I would either get a liquid test kit (I use API) and test your water so we know what is going on inside the tank. I don't know how things are over there in the UK, here in the states (at least Texas, i can comment on) we have LFS (local fish stores - usually independently owned, not big chain stores) that have liquid test kits on hand and are willing to test the water for you. Of course if you take advantage of the offer over and over again with no intent to buy a test kit they can get a little aggravated. If you have an option like that, it may be the quickest/easiest option for the time being. Either way I'd recommend a test kit in the long run so you can keep track of things.

How long has this tank been up and running?

I'd start by getting rid of the bala shark. They need a group/shoal, and will severely outgrow your current tank. Sometimes you can find LFS that will either give you credit for a fish or at least take a donation on a fish. Other than that you might try to rehome it to another local fish hobbiest if you have any around. Other than that i would figure out what is going on inside your tank and stabilize it before considering to add anything else.

DayleJessica 02-16-2014 07:09 AM

Hi, Mother in law has an api water test kit, she has used it for her saltwater tank, would this be applicable?

willow 02-16-2014 07:12 AM

if it's for fresh water yes…i don't know if a salt water will have
readings for fresh.

Austin 02-16-2014 07:21 AM

Not sure but I googled it out of curiosity and it appears that it will work in both, except the color card will be different, so you'd need to download and print one but not sure how accurate it will be.

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