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9LABYRINTHS 02-11-2014 09:45 AM

My Gold Gourami's Color has Darkened??? Is this color change a problem?? Airration?
Hey there fellow aquatic enthusiasts,
:question: I have a gold gourami and his color has changed from average gold to dark gold with blackish tinted areas that stand out. This is not a body disease, I am sure of that. He is eating regularly, has a great disposition with his various tank mates in the 55 gallon. Is there a problem related to that color change?

:question: One more question, this 55 gallon tank has a magnum 350 canister filter, and 2 bio wheels operating on it; but should there be more air-ration in this tank, he sometimes goes up to the top and mouth breathes and then just goes about his normal business of living in the tank. If I need more air-ration what would you recommend? (I was planning on getting a large, hydor decorative blue geyser, which would add more air-ration and bubbles).
Thanks guys,

Austin 02-11-2014 10:17 AM

I don't think you need more air unless you want it. Gouramis breathe from the surface (can't recall if it is exclusively or to supplement their oxygen), so I would guess it is fine. The dark gold color doesn't really sound like a bad thing to me. It sounds like a deeper color rather than a pale color which could be indicative of stress. But I think you should wait to see what everyone else chimes in. I haven't had gouramis in years. :)

9LABYRINTHS 02-11-2014 11:05 AM

Hello Austin,
I have 2 new baby angel fish that I bought and added 2:30 pm-ish yesterday. I thought for sure they would die last night, they were acting strange(jerky movements, gliding on their sides, looking with mouths pointing upward while mouthing at the water's surface. Last night, I added more ammonia & chlorine (ClorAM-X) remover just to try to help them survive, I think it got them through to see today. this tank is recently newly set-up everyone is doing fine but I am worried about them. Juvenile Angels are so fragile and sensitive to various types of changes within the tank. I notice them at the top of the tank mouth breathing often, then they act and look normal and repeat those behaviors. No-one is picking on them, surprisingly. I asked about the air-ration issue and posed the question to you earlier. Should I provide more air-ration? I mentioned that I have a 350 magnum canister filter and 2 bio-wheels running at the present time. They have been eating bloodworms & flake & food occasionally at rare moments check out the other side of the tank or slowly rather jerkily glide to different levels of the tank. I am just a bit rusty, this is my first 55 gallon tank in about 3 years. I have those angels and african dwarf frogs, plattys, gouramis. Do you have suggestions or recommendations?

henningc 02-15-2014 12:36 AM

Your gourami is really stressed. Either you added new tank mates or the water conditions are falling off. Gouramis are prone to slime disorders so be careful.

jeaninel 02-17-2014 10:32 AM

Did you test the tank water for ammonia and nitrite readings? Sounds like this is a new setup and your tank is cycling. If ammonia and/or nitrite are present you will need to do a water change.
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