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mikea079 01-07-2010 10:36 AM

my RT's
here are my rt's (red turquoise) discus... hope you enjoy

i thought that this might end up being helpful for all you discus keepers. a list common discus strains and abbreviations

Blue Strains

BD - Blue Diamond
BS - Blue Scorpion
BDSS - Blue Diamond Snakeskin
Cobalt - Cobalt

Red/Orange/Yellow Strains
MR - Marlboro Red
PB - Pigeon Blood
CPB - Checkerboard Pigeon Blood
CNPB - Carnation Pigeon Blood
GM - Gold Melon
Y/W - Yellow White
MG - Millennium Gold
GB - Golden Butterfly
YC - Yellow Crystal
RGD - Red Golden Diamond
3R - Royal Ruby Red
SM - San Merah
RP - Red Passion
SRP - Super Red Passion
MP - Mandarin Passion
3R - Royal Ruby Red
R/W - Red White
RM - Red Melon
SRM - Super Red Melon
RR - Rose Red
RRI - Rose Red Intermediate

White Strains
WD - White Diamond
SW - Snow White
WB - White Butterfly
WBtb - White Butterfly "Throwback"
WS - White Scorpion

Striated Strains
SS - Snakeskin
TSS - Tiger Snakeskin
AF - Altum Flora
FLSS - Fine Line Snakeskin
TT - Tiger Turquoise
CBT - Checkerboard Turquoise
RT - Red Turquoise
BT - Brilliant Turquoise

Spotted Strains
RSG - Red Spotted Green
LSS - Leopard Snake Skin
GLSS - Golden Leopard Snake Skin
GL - Golden Leopard
PE - Penang Eruption
SE - Super Eruption
EL - Eruption Leopard

AG - Albino Golden
AS - Albino Snake
AA - Albino Alenquer
AT - Albino Turquoise
AR/W - Albino Red/White
AY/W - Albino Yellow White
ASW - Albino Snow White
ACP - Albino Checkerboard Pigeon
ARGD - Albino Red Golden Diamond (Solid and Striated)
APD - Albino Pearl Diamond
AC - Albino Cobalt
ABD - Albino Blue Diamond
AP - Albino Pigeon
ARB - Albino Royal Blue
ARSG - Albino Red Spotted Green
AMG - Albino Millennium Gold

rrcoolj 01-07-2010 02:46 PM

The fish look very good. Are they a pair? Discus have the coolest breeding behavior.

mikea079 01-07-2010 04:07 PM

yeah their a pair. the rt/ss is male and the rt is female

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