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tankman12 02-09-2014 07:36 PM

What's better?
Today I went to Ned's Fish Factory in Millis, Ma. I got a pair of brevis minutus shell dwellers and a pair of electric blue rams ( for different tanks of course). They are awesome. The store was amazing, so many rare fish at good prices. Also very knowledgable staff. But back to my main question what cichlids is more rare, interesting and over all, more cool. I'm between 2 types of apistos at Neds. One is Apistogramma viejita for around $40 a pair and the second one is the super red apistogramma agassizii for $36 a pair. So which one should I get?
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djembekah 02-10-2014 12:05 AM

Idk what's better but I think the a. Viejita is super pretty! I'd pick that pair.

rsskylight04 02-10-2014 03:38 AM

I would go for the red apistos, just love the look of them.
Good luck

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