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Ozark Lady 01-06-2010 02:24 PM

Hello from the Ozarks!
I just joined this forum. I have never been in a fish forum before. I think it should be interesting.
I currently have no aquariums set up. That's right none. But, I have aquariums.
When I met my husband, 34 years ago, I had 23 aquariums set up of all sizes with several in the 40 gallon range.
I started back into fish, a few years back, and had about 30, 10 gallon aquariums and 6, 30 gallon aquariums set up. I had many, many more in storage, waiting for getting our new house completed. Complete with the "fish room" Which was a large bedroom and bathroom.
Unfortuanately, our house burned in April 2008. All the 10 gallon aquariums were destroyed without a trace of them. The 30 gallons, sort of survived, as did some 15 and 20's. But, the heat was so severe that the plastic edgings melted and ran down the glass. I am unsure whether I can salvage these or not.
I think that I will disassemble them, redo the silicone entirely, then set them up as plant aquariums and fill them very slowly to see if the glass is ruined, or not. I am not brave enough to just wash them, and fill them, stick in discus and go for it... Coward that I am.
That said, I am about to set up a simple aquaponics system to start garden seeds, it will be an ebb and flow system. And yes, I will be using a tough species of fish for my fertilizer... ha ha
I know that one fish, will trigger my passion... freshwater cichlids, particularly South and Central American ones. I won't be able to have just one fish, just one aquarium, just one rack of breeders, and on and on... I admit it... I am an addict. Even when I don't have a single aquarium set up.
I have bred several of the cichlids, and I have managed to keep discus alive for about a year... that is a good start on raising them to breeding!
I would even love to learn to breed some of the egg scatterers. I did actually raise some by accident once. I thought the cichlids had spawned, but they acted funny, so I removed them. And the babies were not cichlids at all. Surprised me! But it was fun.
I would even love to learn to breed killifishes and dry their eggs.. etc.
I have never attempted a salt water set up. But, I read about them. Sounds very complicated and expensive.
Okay, so talk fish... I am having withdrawal here, folks...

Amphitrite 01-06-2010 03:19 PM

Welcome to TropicalFishKeeping Orzark Lady :-) It must have been devastating to see the damage to your tanks from the fire, and I think it's a very wise decision to be overly cautious when putting the tanks to use again, and resealing. Looking forward to seeing some of your tanks!!

Twistersmom 01-06-2010 07:23 PM

Hello and welcome to the forum & back to fish keeping!

aunt kymmie 01-07-2010 10:32 PM

We're glad to have you join us, Ozark Lady! Sorry about the fire, not much more devasting than losing your house in a fire. I'm glad you made it out the other side and are going for it again. Looking forward to following your progress. Welcome!

dramaqueen 01-07-2010 10:33 PM

Hello and welcome to the forum.

stephanieleah 01-08-2010 12:25 AM

Welcome, OL. That's too crazy about your house, sorry to hear about it. Sometimes I worry about eathquakes here in CA and I always think about my pets' safety first (the dogs I have a little control about, but what can you do with a 300 lb. fish tank?)

Glad you're getting back into the hobby.

Jill0 01-09-2010 06:26 AM

Welcome to the forum

I'm sure that we'll be happy to help feed your addiction. We're probably all fish junkies here -- I know I am

Ozark Lady 01-09-2010 12:35 PM

Thanks for the welcome. We are currently under a major winter weather issue. This snow has been here alot more than the normal 3 days, and temps have been below freezing for alot more than the usual day or two. It is a bit slick outside, the sun shines just enough to melt the surface and make the snow slippery, but not really thawing. It has warmed up to 17*F wow.. up to that. Everyone that I know has frozen pipes, except for us so far, at least. But, we really prepared for cold... ha ha.
That said, my aquariums are out in the shed, I need to get enough to fill a rack of them, and start the aquaponics, but, man, I am slipping and sliding outside already... not brave enough to carry in the aquariums, even a little old ten!
I have never done aquaponics before. I know in setting up a new aquarium or resetting an old one. You set the aquarium up, and let it run for a bit, get established a little, I even usually feed it a bit of daphnia, live if I can find them, to set the bacteria in motion. Then I add a fish, and again, wait for balance.
I am mostly doing aquaponics to start seedlings for the garden. So the focus is the plants in this case.
I will use a 10 gallon, with plastic shoe boxes above it. I will cut small holes in the boxes. Then rig a water pump on a timer to flood the boxes, and eventually return the water to the aquarium.
It is recommended to use perlite. But, I am considering mixing it with standard aquarium gravel.
But, I think even in this system, I would need to set it up, get the timers right, to flood and drain... no overflows, and no emptying the aquarium... And the temps and lights etc. All functioning... and then select a fish to be my little fertilizer maker.
I am unsure whether to start the seedlings first, or get the fish established first....
What would you do?

willow 01-12-2010 02:37 AM

hello and welcome.
you really are a MTS sufferer :lol:

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