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bew0721 02-07-2014 12:37 PM

Need Help with Red Devil Cichlid
Ok, I trust all you fishy experts... So, here's the situation. My sister has a 5 inch red devil cichlid that she has had for about 4 months now. Unfortunately, she will be moving to New York in a few months and cannot take the fish with her. The local fish store where she got the fish will not take it back. I do have experience keeping fish(tropical) for 5 years and I do have an established but vacant 75 gallon aquarium. So, I agreed to take the fish to save it from an untimely end... but I don't know that much about cichlids. I haven't received the fish yet, it will be another 4 months before I take the fish for her. My questions are as follows: I know that Red Devils are very, very, very aggressive, but other than that I don't know that much about them... feeding, adult size, lifespan, habitat likes or dislikes, etc. If anyone could give me the quick 411 on these pretty fish, that would be lovely? Also, I know a tankmate for this fish is a dicey subject, but I would at least like to put 1 more cichlid in there to provide some social interaction for the Red Devil, any suggestions on a good tough tankmate? Thanks for the help in advanced everyone.

Flint 02-07-2014 06:37 PM

I can tell you that will have to be the only fish in the tank. They get oscar-sized but they are called red DEVILs for a reason. No tankmates or he will kill them.

jeaninel 02-07-2014 06:53 PM

Red Devils make good wet pets and will be fine alone. One other cichlid in with it will only draw aggression from it. But, like Oscars they're full of personality. Theyll shred live plants so minimal decor, maybe a few fake plants or driftwood. They like to rearrange the substrate also so sand is best.
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