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Angel079 01-01-2010 07:02 PM

Lemon Cichlid - Soft water
I can NOT stop thinking bout my Cichlids I don't have any more now since we moved....and I've had my eyes for a longggg time on Lemon Cichlid tank.....

All sounds fine ...except for the part where my tap is: pH 6.8 KH 1 > All my other tanks after set up with sand, rock etc have leveled themselves out at KH 4-5 (between the 4 tanks) and pH 7.2-7.5

Which still ain't ideal for them guys BUT I'd need a bunchhhh rock for the set up anyway, would you Cichlid Experts think this would help harden the water up far enough for them guys and then maybe add crushed coral to the filter to be replaced every so often to give off calcium?:-?

I can't stop thinking bout it, so any ideas how to have some in the house again while under soft water attack would be appreciated.

mollies 01-01-2010 08:09 PM

You could add crushed coral as a substrait to. Yes limestone and lace rock have helped my tanks.

Angel079 01-01-2010 08:31 PM

Hmmm never thought about using it as substrate..wonder how that would turn out (as far as looks).

You said limestone helped your water - What source water did you start from and how far did it up it?

rrcoolj 01-01-2010 09:23 PM

You can use special cichlid buffers in modertaion to raise the PH. I put crushed coral(live rock) in my aquaclear and I use a african cichlid buffer too once a month or once every other month and it keeps my mbuna tank at a steady 8.2.

Buffers and other aquarium conditiners often have a bad rep. It is much easier and much safer to raise the PH than lower it. using a buffer is fine but use it in modertaion. When I was first setting up my tank I used y buffer once a week but once I had the Ph to where I like it, I started using it monthly.

Angel079 01-01-2010 09:30 PM're talking to someone here who's had yrs and yrs of experience and plenty neatly planted tanks and healthy fish (pictures under my aquariums here to the left) BUT I have never had no exp with any sort of chems (not meds not fets not buffers).
I do understand its easier to up the hardness rather then the other way around. But I have yet to read up on "Buffers" and understand just how all this works.
I really do wanna get all my ducks in a row before attempting getting another bigger tank and set it up with cichlids and tempering with the water. So any/ all info you can give me on this would be highly appreciated.

Maybe I should have added this question to the OP: But what would you guys find a nice size for a small group of Lemons?

rrcoolj 01-01-2010 10:12 PM

As in tank size? A pair will do fine in a 20 so a group of 4 would do fine in a 30 or preferable 40. Thier not all that aggressive. Species tank im assuming?

Angel079 01-01-2010 10:44 PM

Yea I was thinking 45-55g somewhere along that line.....Species take it you seen my old set ups...yea I think its just better this way. I will set up community tanks right now with various Tetras since I wasn't able to keep them before, but in general I just pref species tanks, that way I can set up it exactly for THEIR needs and no one else.

I really gotta start digging in tomorrow reading up on the water tempering matter and see what's the best way to go bout this....

mollies 01-01-2010 11:09 PM

Look at the build thread under ( dyi) that says 180 gallon You have replyed to it. look at the sub there it is a crushed coral. hope that gives you an idea. lol I wouldnt use a buffer eather. Just my opinion.
I have never used limestone, others have that i know and it all depends how much you put in your tank. Start out small amounts then add as needed. I used lace rock in mine, dont remeber the exact but 7.2 Up to 8.0 Now its steady at 8.2 has been for awhile with no flexing. I should of refraised the last post. sorry

rrcoolj 01-02-2010 08:27 AM

Angle079 me and you are on the same page. I am a sucker for a good species or biotope tank. That way everybody is happy requirement wise and there are no if,ands, or buts lol. I think it will look very good when done. Add lots of rocks of coarse and plants if you want. I love the look of lemon cichlids(assuming your talking about leleupi). They have that carnivore apperence im a sucker for.

Angel079 01-02-2010 09:01 AM

@Mollies...true hadn't even thought bout your tanks, thanks for the reminder:-D

@ rrcoolj My bet I should have posted the scientific name as well, I'm sorry, the one's I have in mind are Neolamprologus leleupi aka Lemon Cichlid.
Yea I'm trying to set up a 55g & 45g community of Tetra's right now for the first I'm second guessing it all and wonder if I should not have simply stuck with Species tank like before :-?

Naturally their home is the Tanganyika shore lines, so I thought of a set up with darker sand and BUNCH rocks....I think that would be most natural with them. That said thou sand is not gonna do much for my hardness here:roll: so I gotta figure out first HOW to harden the water and then keep it hard and allow for sand :frustrated:

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