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ozznet 01-01-2010 12:00 PM

Can I add anymore fish?
I currently have 6 Hengel's Rasboras, 2 Corys and 4 Brilliant Rasboras in a 20 gal tank with an Aquaclear 30 filter. Can I add a couple more fish like another Cory and a Honey Gourami?

stephanieleah 01-01-2010 12:36 PM

I love this website to help me with my stocking capatability and quantity. It's always good to check with people and do your own research despiite what the website says, but it's a good guide : )

AqAdvisor - Intelligent Freshwater Aquarium Stocking Calculator and Aquarium Tank/Filter Advisor

Angel079 01-01-2010 01:11 PM

I'd not add a Gourami to this set up, where this my tank, here's what I'd do:
Add 2 more Brilliant Rasboras
Add 4 more Cory's - Same one's you've got to make it group of 6 - Which one's exactly do you have, do you know, or can you describe them?

ozznet 01-01-2010 01:41 PM

I believe they are the Bronze corys.

Angel079 01-01-2010 01:42 PM

Kind gold color with a grayish-blackish strip in the middle?
Under proper care they grow to about 3" so yea the max I'd do is a group of 6 then in your tank.

ozznet 01-01-2010 01:56 PM

Aqadvisor says I am way over stocked with your suggestion.

Byron 01-01-2010 01:57 PM

Be careful with the corys or whatever they are--a "bronze cory" may actually be Brochis splendens and not Corydoras aeneus. The two are almost identical in colouration, but the dorsal fin has 10 to 12 rays in Brochis splendens whereas all Corydoras species have 7 rays. B. splendens is frequently sold under "cory cat" or similar, and as it can grow more than 3 inches its effect on the bioload must be considered if this is the fish you have. C. aeneus can reach 3 inches also. I would not have more than 3 or 4 of either of these species in a 20g with the other fish. Both genera of Callichthyidae are sensitive to water quality, and the more fish in a smaller aquarium (like a 20g) the easier it is for the water quality to lessen quickly. Weekly 50% partial water change with good vacuuming of the gravel (to protect their barbels as they spend so much time on the substrate feeding) is essential. Live plants would help in this.


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