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bubbles3660 02-20-2007 11:02 AM

Green open brain coral - recovery tips
Hello all,

I purchased a green open brain coral a few weeks ago and it is obviously starting to suffer. The water sacs have deflated and the mouth is gaping open (in what looks like a disturbing coralline version of The Scream). Probable factors that have led to this deterioration: transport shock, high nitrate, bad placement on live rock, .02 salinity fluctuation. I've tried to address all of these. I'm just wondering if there is any hope for this little guy. There are no signs of necrosis - it still retains its fluorescent green colour. It's just contracted and looks hard as a rock. I've tried reviving with finely minced shrimp and marine snow - but the mouth remains wide open and it doesn't look like its digesting anything.

Any suggestions for nursing it back to health?

My specs:

14 gal biocube w/ Coralife 24 watt 10K and 24 watt actinic
pH 8.4
salinity 1.20
Temp 77o

mushroom polyp (healthy)
waving hand polyp (healthy)
14 lbs live rock

2 emerald crabs
1 blood shrimp
2 astrea snails
1 percula clown


caferacermike 02-20-2007 04:22 PM

It sounds like it may have takena tumble in the bag while being shipped. This can tear them open on the inside, leading them vulnerable to what is called, brown jelly disease. I've not had any luck with them once the mouth gapes. You might try nightly iodine rinses to prevent any further infections.

bubbles3660 02-21-2007 08:37 AM

Green open brain coral - recovery tips
Thank you for your fast reply, Mike.


caferacermike 02-21-2007 04:25 PM

If you have the space leave the skeleton in the tank if it recesses. LPS corals that "die off" seem to have the ability to recover months, years, later. I have had a few hammer corals that died back to only a skeleton. 6 months later they completely grew back.

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