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Hodgepodge 12-31-2009 10:58 AM

Albino Corycats Breeding Like MAD! Now What?
I have a 10 gallon with a school of 6 albino corycats, and 6 "stray" platies that were dumped off at the veterinary office where I work. (It happens with all kinds of critters, last year it was a betta and 2 red eared sliders. Kittens in boxes are our most popular find.) I am in the process of getting a new tank for the platies, I did put a bigger filter on my tank in the meantime.

I woke up this morning to my first ever spawn of cory eggs. Never in all my years of being an amateur fishkeeper have I had this happen. From reading, I assume it's because my heater broke and I did a bigger than normal water change on Sunday afternoon.

I have a few large plastic containers, the kind that you get at a warehouse store full of cheeseballs. They hold at least 2 gallons of water, and I usually make them into betta houses. They have a fitted lid that I can poke holes through for air lines, etc...

Would this type of container, filled from the main tank, make an adequate nursery?

I have read a few different ideas on how to remove the eggs from my tank walls, everything from drinking straws to razor blades. And timing the removal varies from 12-48 hours from what I read. Any advice?

I have called my local fish store, a wonderful privately owned store full of amazing saltwater and freshwater fish. He is willing to take as many cory cats I can raise to a decent size, so they won't wind up overcrowded and miserable. I'll just keep setting up tanks until I have room for everyone. I have 2 tanks on order, 20 gallon longs. (By the way, I'm located in Northeast Pennsylvania, if anyone is interested in baby corycats anytime down the road.)

Twistersmom 01-01-2010 07:47 AM

I have no experience with breeding cory, just want to wish you luck and welcome you to the forum!

Angel079 01-01-2010 06:55 PM

The bucket nursery will do fine, as long as you can heat it/ maintain needed heat you'll be alright. I'd toss some plants in for the lil guys and call it even. Make sure once free swimming to offer baby food 3-4 times (super minimal) a day.

Personally I'd use my hose from the gravel vac and 'suck them up' into the container. The straw pretty much would be to the same effect. Now the razor, I donno how your're really gonna get them off, catch them, not hurt them and put them in the nursery all at the same time.

Alternatively of cause, you could just let nature decide and leave it alone as it is, some will survive others won't... And then i'd have me a serious talk to the Mom and tell her to put them not on the wall but a plant leaf next time, much easier to pinch off the leaf with the eggs on it and move it :-)

symbolic47 01-06-2010 04:51 PM

I have experiance with this. And have successfully raised 5 baby fry into full grown cories! Much like you I woke up to find dozens of little clear eggs on the side of my tanks. What I did...

1. Carefully scrape them off the glass with a razor blade, always keep them submerged in water.

2. Buy a breeder/fry net from your local pet store. I used one that I latched onto the side of my tank with, and kept the baby fry in the same tank as the other fish.

3. Wait for them to hatch, this took mine 3 full days. Keep in mind, most of those eggs will die before hatching, so dont expect a HUGE number.

4. When they hatch they will be almost microscopic for a couple weeks. They look like TINY little tadpoles, and are clear. Feed them fry food about 4 times a day.

5. About 3 weeks after hatching they will begin to look like actual cories! Keep them in the fry net and keep feeding them.

6. Once they look like cories and are about a CM long, I fed them normal fish flakes, ground up. I did this until they where large enough to release.

The process is actually fairly simple, just gotta keep a close eye on them, and feed them properly. Also having a reliable heater that adjust's quickly is VITAL, as fry are sensitive to temp.

discus05 01-09-2010 03:27 PM

hi i have been breeding corydoras all my life and over this time i have bred 17 different variety's i have got eggs at the moment from panda,false fowler and black venezula's along wit 4 tanks full off baby's, the best way i have found of hatching them is.

1. find a small pack lunch box that will happily float inside your aquarium then add an airline but make sure that the air is not to fast that it will damage the eggs.

2. add a couple of drops of methalayne blue so that it keeps the fungus away from the eggs

3.scrape the eggs of as carefully as you can with a ruler or razerblade and pop them in the pack lunck box

4.the eggs should hatch within 48-72 hours depending on the temperature of your water

5. when the fry have hatched they will start feeding after the third day i feed my young on liquirfry number 1 then liquirfry 3 when the fry are 2 weeks old.

be carefull that your water dosent get polluted as the fry and food tend to be messy so just empty the water in the container away and add fresh from the tank but be carefull that no fry escape whilst doing this


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