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Missing 02-03-2014 01:15 PM

Newbie plant color question
1. Tank size

2. Watts and type of lighting
Life-Glo 20W 6700k (on for about 11 hours, off for 13)

3. Number and types of plants
1 Egeria densa 1 Anubias barteri

4. Substrate type
Regular aquarium gravel

5. Age of tank
Hard to say. I had all these rocks and fake plants in an old aquarium for some years, and I recently moved to this 25L, but I also did a big clean to move the aquarium.

I answered all I could, but like I said, I'm a newbie at this. I'm in good relation with the worker at this pet store. She knows my tank and told me which light to buy and which plants would be good for my aquarium set up. But with my current issue, I'm second guessing that she might have left something out I'm supposed to be doing.

I'm not 100% sure on the plant names because the names here are not in English. But my problem is with (what I think is) my Egeria densa.
(Excuse the algae. I haven't been able to get an otocinclus to live longer than 3 weeks.)

When I first bought the plant, it was a bright green. It's been planted in here for about 3 weeks. The leaves are almost all see through and it's now a pale green. I noticed a root coming out of the gravel a few days back but this morning I saw it floating. I'm assuming my frogs kicked it up or something.

It's currently positioned about half under the filter current, but the current is really gentle.

Am I not doing something I should be doing? Are they planted too close together? (I tried mocking how the store had it. I want to spread it more when/if it roots) Is my light maybe not enough for it? It's hard to see because of the window reflection, but the very top of one of the stems is now turning a bright green again, but just that one small inch.

My anubias has only been planted since Friday (3 days) and it looks the same as it did at the store, so I'm assuming it's ok. (My first plant faded around the 3rd day)

I'm hoping to replace at least most of my ugly fake plants with real ones but I'm also wondering is there a max I should be getting?

Thanks for answering my newbie questions. I'm sure most are ridiculous but I appreciate the help.

Flear 02-03-2014 01:30 PM

i do not know if there is a max beyond your personal sense of aesthetics for the tank

i had my plants run wild. they grew to the surface, they wanted to push above it, their own weight kept them down, ... they still tried and created (not joking) what seemed like a floating island of plant about 4-6" below the surface that gave enough buoyancy and stability that they had no problems supporting themselves as they continued to grow out of the tank.

the fish were fine, i lost fish as they would hid in the plants
they did not die, i just could no longer count how many and what fish i had as it was more miracle that i ever saw any (feeding aside)

if a tank can support that, i'm pretty sure there is no real limit on how much you can put in your tank

i have since trimmed them back and have decided to let the plants grow dense on part of the tank and keep them short for the rest (a mix of open space and places to hide) they are still filling in the 'dark' side of the tank, it's getting there.

otherwise, ...

you have a 25L tank, ... i'm assuming 25 ... i dono, ... 25liter, or 25 long, ... i don't think there is a 25 long, but better safe than assume wrong.

if your plants are fading (actually at work and i can't see pictures here :(
... either fertilizers or insufficient light (not enough light (light intensity))

Edit 2:
how the store had it ...
the store gets their plants from a supplier that takes care in ensuring healthy plants
the store has these plants on display and often (i'm assuming) has insufficient light
the store (likely & hopefully) sells these plants before any major issues of not enough ... (light, ferts, whatever) become apparent.

might be more important to look at the demands of the plant and see what it needs

Missing 02-03-2014 01:38 PM

I thought it was a 25 gallon long. I did measurements on a site to be sure and it told me the same. Maybe it's a 20 gallon long then.

Glad to know there's not a max beyond space. I'm hoping to get at least enough to replace the ugly fake ones, but I want to know why this one plant is so pale before I get more. (And maybe a paycheck or two)

Edit: Actually from what I can see and was told/shown, the plants are in a special aquarium with the correct lighting and a few fish in it. I bought it the same day they received it since it's a war to get plants from this store because they normally sell out the same day.

Flear 02-03-2014 01:48 PM

if your light is new it should be nice and bright
if your light is old it may be bright enough for you, the plant may have other ideas

a single bulb may not be enough if it's short, no matter how intense it is
a 20 long is 30" long ?
you're 20 watt bulb ... what kind ?
T8, T5, T5HO, CFL (compact fluorescent light)
- each type/style has different efficiences of how much light it gives off vs. how much power it uses, ... and CFL may give a significant amount of light, but in one area only

some plants (anubias) will grow great with low light ... although very very slowly so you may never notice it really growing day after day, or even week after week, ... very slow.
other plants have insane light demands and without that being met they will suffer.

you also said you have frogs
could they be rough on your plants ?
anubias is a very tough plant and likely to survive all but the most stubborn critter intent on ending the plants life. other plants are much softer

i stay away from frogs so i don't have any idea how they are to plants at all

as for your egeria densa,... i had that. it survived when i tied it up in a bunch. moved it to the side of the tank (still in a bunch). decided i didn't want it and removed it, ... missed a piece and it grew and thrived till i noticed and removed that as well

while the stuff in the middle of the bunch didn't do so well, it was happy enough in my tank, ... (dark side even) but i had 4x T5HO fixture (even 24" long on a 30" tank is still a lot of light)

Missing 02-03-2014 02:04 PM

The frogs don't normally mess with the one I'm having problems with. They love the anubias and rest under it. The other one is so close together they don't go around it much.

This is a brand new light, so no problems there. T8 24". If it should be enough light, maybe it's just having a hard time in a new tank? When I got it, it had no roots but I don't want to move it around to see if it has any now if that'll mess it up more.

Flear 02-03-2014 02:27 PM

that will grow plenty well enough if you leave if floating. ... sure it will try to send out roots ... leaving it floating will ensure it gets more light.

i would tie it down somewhere so it doesn't stop the frogs from getting air.

it doesn't grow emersed at all, but will grow very well at the surface closer to the light

if that's all it is (a light intensity issue), this should help you out, ... if your plant does better closer to the light, then it's a sign you need more light for this plant, ... and a search on the net will give you an idea of if this plant is demanding or not of light, then you can judge if it's just demanding or if you need more lights in your tank

as some sites will list a plant as demands for high light, and others could list the site for low demands (same plant), ... it's really fuzzy, but hopefully someone else chimes in and gives input.


i never had to try for my plants, they just did their thing, a green thumb :), but that also means i have no idea what is going on or what needs work when things are hurting, i never had to try, i never had to learn.

but as i mentioned for light, i have 4x T5HO bulbs, ... a quick look on other sites (very quick, didn't list much), ... i have several times the amount of light going into my tank (longer hours, by the window - sun light, more intense bulbs)

not saying yours isn't enough, ... but that i have no idea what not enough light is, i know i have lots of light

hmmm, also thinking, ... i don't do water changes, so the water is loaded in nutrients (pH dependant)
more feedings (or ferts) will increase nutrients as well.

and water changes will lower nutrients for your plants too

Missing 02-03-2014 04:42 PM

I decided to move it more towards that back so it has full lighting. I noticed the top of one stem is actually growing another stem off of it. Moving it I can also see that about half the stems have long roots.

I looked this plant up and it said the lighting was very low. I'll see how it goes in this spot (I'm not sure if that really does a difference, but I guess I'll see)

Is it possible the plant may be shading itself? I tried to spread it out a little but I have them tied together so they'd be easier to anchor.

I don't mind buying another light if that's the problem, though I'm having algae issues now and I'm working on getting some oto fish but they're a bit of a pain with their survival rate.

I feel bad failing at such an 'easy' plant. xD Maybe I'll stick with the shorter plants.

Flear 02-04-2014 06:59 AM

learning experience :)

if you can do this, find a time when you want to try another, add to what you have.

if it doesn't work, find a time when you want to try again.

many insist on vacuuming the substrate as part of their regular maintenance

good maintenance for plastic plants, or no plants at all
not so good maintenance for live plants with their roots enjoying all that has settled into your substrate.

continue with whatever maintenance you are comfortable with, ... just the areas around whatever plants you have, give room so you don't risk unsettling their roots. in time the roots will find the additional nutrients they desire and with sufficient light all is good

jeaninel 02-05-2014 10:14 AM

You need to pull your Anubias up out of the gravel s bit so the rhizome, which is the thick green part the roots come out of, is not buried. Or, tie it to a piece if driftwood or a rock. It will not do well if buried in the gravel and eventually the rhizome will rot and kill the plant. I have six Anubias in my 55 gallon angelfish tank and they are all on driftwood. They also prefer low light. If the light is too intense algae tends to grow on the leaves and also their leaf color will yellow.

I have a ton of the anacharis too which I believe is the egeria densa? I float mine because i could never get it to stay rooted. It likes a bit more light and grows crazy fast for me. I am constantly pulling out pieces that are close to 4 feet long and snipping them in half. If you left the little band that holds the bunch together they won't be happy, my experience anyway. So you may want to separate the bunch a bit and replant it.

I use a liquid fertilizer occasionally (Seachem Comprehensive) .
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jeaninel 02-05-2014 10:21 AM

Also, your tank may just need a little time to mature and the plants to adjust.
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