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alphazetatango 12-29-2009 10:22 PM

Is 30watts of Fluorescent Lighting(Ten Gallon Aquarium) to High For Water Wisteria?
I'm just a little worried I have to much lighting, any helpful advice and tips would be appreciated. Also, the gravel I'm using is from a bag labeled, 'Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate', I'm using a 20lb bag for my ten gallon aquarium also.

Last question, what would be a good carpet plant for a 30w, ten gallon aquarium?

I have the PH lvl at 6.8 right now.

Angel079 12-29-2009 10:38 PM

I don't find your wattage bad for plants. But what TYPE of light is it...Is it daylight? Does it look more blueish or more reddish?

For can use either hair grass or dwarf baby tears or java moss...that now would dep on what YOU like for looks :-)

alphazetatango 12-30-2009 12:04 AM

Thanks angel, sadly, I'm not exactly sure what type of light it is. After Trolling the forum, I noticed a thread about Lighting.

Now I know what your talking about the type of Lighting, I'm not sure if it's compact, T8, T10 or T12. The two fluorescent lights are manufactured lights(came with the light). However, they do give a blueish Hugh.

I noticed that I should acquire lighting spectrums of blue, green and red. However, can I achieve this with two fluorescent light? Or would I need to buy another Lighting hood?


p.s. I have always wanted to buy dwarf hairgrass so I'll look into that from an online source(found a website I think you posted on a different thread angel) Sweet Aquatics

P.s.s. I noticed you mention, "Is it daylight". Does that make a difference? OHHHHHH A question just came to mind, does the light of the moon give off a hugh that plants need in photosynthesis? Hence the, "Is it daylight" lighting? Soooooo, should I buy another hood that runs during the nighttime? :)

Angel079 12-30-2009 08:38 AM

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Here's a pic from my recent Hair grass planting, acquired at the store you posted (that's the only place I get my plants from for all tanks, love their quality)

For the light, look at the bulbs they usually have a manufactures name on it along with a bulb name eg "Marineland daylight 15W".

Pers I go to the home store and buy my florescent tubes and screw ins there, looking at my tanks I can certainly say my plants approve (check out my pictures under Aquariums to the left). Phillips, Salvina sells them, labeled 'Daylight'; but my most recent finding that i LOVE LOVE LOVE is the one's from a company called "Bright effects" and their daylight bulb (rated at 6500K which is almost identical to our sunlight) and again the plant in the tank with it exploded. What I love most about them, they're energy one's and warm up slowly, meaning the light slowly gets brighter, more like a natural sun rise rather then BAM lights on.
So if you're unsure about your lights and growing plants, just hit the home store and replace your's, they're only few bucks there. ;-)

As for the moon and/ or lights at night: NO!
The plants require lights off, pretty much like outside, sunrise & sunset. These so called moon lights for sell at the big chain stores are BAD for fish and really irritate them, they also require a set amount of FULL darkness!

Byron 12-31-2009 12:52 PM

Two tubes over a 10g tank is a lot of light. Manageable, but first we need to know what you have as Angel said. The info is on the tubes at one end. I would not expect these to be T5 HO with this small a fixture, so probably normal (T8, T12) tubes. But the name, type and wattage will help us decide if you need different tubes, can just reduce the period of illumination, etc.


alphazetatango 01-01-2010 01:05 AM

Update: The two bulbs are identical 18" 15watt bulbs from a company called, All-Glass Aquarium, with a label just below the title, 'PREHEAT'.

Also, theirs two letters below the wattage, Hg.

Hope that helps

Byron 01-01-2010 12:38 PM

I know of All Glass Aquarium, I bought two of their fixtures last summer, they are well made in my view. The tubes that came with them went straight to the recycling dump, they were useless. They make several types of tubes though, and from what you've given me I have no idea which these are; you're sure there is not something like "full spectrum" or "daylight" or anything else? And no kelvin number like 6500K or something?


Angel079 01-01-2010 12:55 PM

I hadn't really heard of anyone using these standard bulbs with planted aquariums...Personally I'd hit Lowes or Home depot, buy one new daylight bulbs rated at 6500K and add it to my tank, cost are less then $5.
IMO 1x15-20W is extremely sufficient for a 10g planted.
You can have more watts on there, BUT you need to ensure you will be able to balance this light with the fertilizer needs of your given plants - If high lights are unbalanced with the rest of your bio system you're very likely to develop algae and that's not so pretty :-)

What plants do you already have in there and/ or are planning to plant?

alphazetatango 01-01-2010 04:42 PM

Byron, sadly that's all the writing on the bulbs. So, I think I'll do what angel recommends and buy a couple bulbs from Lowes. Wow if their about $5 that's CHEAP! lol

Secondly, currently my water parameters are, 80 degree's. Also, the CO2 injectors I'm using are, Ounce a month I put in some root tabs(every 3rd day of the month), and I have some Liquid CO2 that also says to use it during water changes, so I use some of that ounce a week(to sanitize my 25% water changes). I'm not exactly sure what my CO2 level is at(is their a CO2 Gadge?) Also, I'm using a really bad PH gadge, is their an electronic PH gadge out their?

Plants I'm using are, two Hygrophila difformis(water wisteria), Eleocharis parvula(dwarf hairgrass; don't have yet but I ordered some today), one Anubias afzelii and a bunch of Rotala Rotundifolia.

alphazetatango 01-01-2010 04:46 PM

*Edit* Looking to see if my profile Pic works***

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