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2scicrazed 02-03-2014 06:32 AM

Breeding double sword guppies
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Hopefully picture is attached. Its not clear how to upload from a Droid...

OK, I had a fancy guppy planted tank that started with metal head yellow veil tail males and Moscow females. After about a year, half black red males began showing up. One of them matured into a double swordtail. So I pulled him and some young females out of the established colony and started a new colony. It's the one 2.5"-3" male and six females. (In a heavily planted tank with neons, cherry shrimp, and a betta)

I'm pulling the pregnant females and collecting fry out of the breeding nets, though some fry have been birthed in colony tank and are now big enough that they are no longer hiding in thick moss corner. I now have about 50 fry in a separate tank as well.

I've been searching the net for non-endler gene double swords but can't seem to find any. Can't even find images of them! I will be inbreeding F1s together, but prefer outcrossing with the F2s to reduce inbreeding depression. (Since it can be assumed that the P generation is already inbred)

Does anyone here breed non-endler double swords? Advice?

jimscott 02-03-2014 06:52 AM

At this point, just keep separating out anybody displaying the double tail characteristics. Another thing you may want to consider is finding female guppies among the 'feeders', as they haven't been used in selective breeding. Their gene pool is far less inbred than the strains that are put out on the market.

2scicrazed 02-03-2014 07:01 AM

I'm trying to keep feeder/endler traits out of this line. That would reduce size of males.

I Would prefer finding another line of these to bring in. If that fails I have an unrelated line of blonds and a tank of Pastel blue crossed with Black tuxedos that I can pull young females from.

Seems like the metalhead X Moscow crosses produce the most vigorous females so far.

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