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foxthegoldfish 12-24-2009 07:35 PM

Its is christmas and I don't know what to do.
I am very very new to owning fish, i got given a neglected tank (it tiny, less than 5gallons) and got given some advice on how to look after it. I replaced the filet and bought some better food for them a week ago then after a week I cleaned the gravel, and replaced a 1/3 or the water. then the next day I come home and one of the fish (a neon tetra) has a giant lump!!!!!
its like a see through white blister.
it takes up his whole top part of his mouth, he cant really eat I don't think, he can open his mouth a little
then I noticed that one of the other fish (another neon tetra)has a smaller lump on the top of his mouth.

Did I do something wrong?
I cant go out and get anything to help them as it is christmas, I hope someone can help me.

The only things I know about the tank are this;
it is under 5 gallons,
23.5 degrees
it has too many fish, 5 neon tetras and a molly, plus what we think is a baby molly
I have added some salt (a tiny bit, I was told to by someone, they said it was good for the molly)
I have used stress coat and stress zyme (I know they aren't great, but it was all i had)
There are no plants in the tank.

I hope someone can help me and my Fish


bettababy 12-28-2009 01:20 AM

Can you get some closer up and larger photos of the infected neons? The "blister"... does it look like it is fluid filled or more like a lump of cottage cheese? Is it opaque or transparent in color? Does it appear to have fuzzy type of growth?

Is it possible to get water parameters for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH?

And for sure... get some decor in there for them asap to help lower stress levels until you can sort things out.

I would avoid the salt, neons are quite sensitive to salt. Partial water changes daily (10% - 15%) would be a good idea to help keep water quality under control until you can sort and move the fish to a more proper environment. If you can get the dimensions of the tank we can then tell you how many gallons it is, and it would help us in giving you advice, even if it is approximate. There is a huge difference between 2.5 - 5 gallons, and what can be accomplished in either size tank.

Sorry you had to wait so long for help. The more info you can give up front the faster we can help you sort this out and get effective help for the sick fish.

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