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luke77 01-28-2014 06:58 PM

Rainbow fish
Been looking for red rainbow fish for awhile now to add to my one tank. Not really interested in the Boesemani rainbow's, I want the red color. Well finally last week my LFS had 4 of the salmon red rainbows, so I had to get them. I've acclimated them and added them to my 55g with my pair of angels. I'm glad I got all 4 cause they really school together well. Definetly a schooling fish like they say. Their in my planted tank so once they get older and their color starts coming in really good the tank should pop! Just having them in my tank for 5 days their red coloring is really showing. They look really good against all the live plant's in my tank.

Romad 01-28-2014 07:18 PM

Nice score on the reds :thumbsup:

I'm a sucker for the Boesmanis. I've been thinking of a one species only tank with a mix of Rainbows. It will be a while before the other community fish are gone though. I refuse to re-home them cuz they're pretty happy now.

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