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Astaroth 02-18-2007 04:44 AM

More creatures for 90 gallon
This forum is certainly a helpful place, so far :P

I am looking to increase the load on my 90 gallon, so I was looking for opinions. I am sort of a Molly and Cory lover, fyi and also interested in breeding.

- 4 female and 2 male Mollies (I just lost two females in the past 10 days, they were the oldest ones I had)
- 3 Australian Rainbows
- 3 Bronze Corys
- 1 (5") Chinese Algae Eater (scardy cat)
- 3 around 6-8" plants (Anacharis, Java Fern, and unknown)
- 2 small Malaysian driftwood and various caves and hiding spots

So, even as the plants grow, I think I have a little bit of room here.

3 of the female Mollies I got 2 weeks ago, and they are doing well but not pregnant looking. I am looking for good turnaround (as in, fry to replace older ones in the long run, with giving some to my LFS if necessary).

I think the Rainbows and I know the Corys like to school, or close to it, but I am not sure about adding anymore Rainbows (they are ok, if that).

I would also like some invertebrates, like ghost shrimp and freshwater clams. The problem I face here is finding them to buy instead of ordering online (any ideas? Eastern PA - 50-100 mile radius?) I checked ThatPetPlace but didn't see them in their list online. This is almost as difficult as finding Bio Spira in my area (which I haven't)

Anyway...I am thinking maybe 3-4 more Corys (hopefully Bronze ones), 1-2 male and 3-5 female Mollies, and then the invertebrates (no more then 3 clams and 5 shrimp). Any thoughts? Too much?

Rue 02-18-2007 09:51 AM

Definately not too much...corys do much better as a you could easily have more than 6 if you wanted...I have 5 right now in my 25g and they're fine...

I don't know about the rainbows...but I assume you can add several more without issue to a 90g...

When I get my 70g up and running I also plan to have a school of Oto cats in addition to the corys (for some reason I have 3 different varieties of corys :? )...

...and you can add quite a few more plants too, if you're interested in plants...

I also have 3 mollies, 3 platies, 5 rosy tetras, 1 neon, 4 zebra danios...and my 4 bettas in my current tank...

According to the "rules" I'm sorta overstocked...but I find I have an active and alert tank...if I have less fish the tank appears 'depressed'...

I also have a swordleaf plant (forgot the spieces), a cabomba, floating hornwort (for the bettas) and 2 grasses...

All of these guys will transfer to the new tank...and then I intend to have 2 shoals...of neons (I think they'll do better in a larger tank) and likely the zebra danios...

But I still have lots of time to plan...and I'm planning on enjoying every minute! :D

Astaroth 02-18-2007 02:32 PM

Thanks, Rue.

Well now I am kinda upset.

I did my 30% water change and filter cleaning just now and my 5" Chinese Algae Eater is missing. I took out all the decor, checked all around on the floor - no dice (he is too big to fit through the filter strainers). I think he is even too big to fit into the Python, but I wasn't running the suction that hard anyway.

The only thing I can think of is he jumped out (I never saw him near the top of the tank - ever) this morning, since that was the last I saw of him, and one of my dogs got to him. There is still a 10% chance later he will just "show up" in the tank.

I didn't know CAE are known for being feisty as they get older, so I am not that upset since I would have never bought him, but he was the largest and longest living fish I had (over 2 years).

I also think I partially crushed a Molly (male) when I was putting the big castle back in, since he didn't move and swam right next to it...maybe not though, he is swimming around.

So now I think I am really gonna do some shopping tomorrow.

EDIT: LOL...I got done typing this, and went back over to the tank, and there he was laying on the bottom watching me! That totally fits him too. I am glad he couldn't hear the words I just used.

Anyway, I am still going shopping tomorrow so anymore ideas (or place recommendations around East/Central PA) are welcome.

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