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Puffpuff 02-17-2007 10:03 PM

Green spotted trouble..please help
hello all. i come to you on a sad beloved green spotted puffer died this evening.... elah...i just found her on the bottom of the cage under the filter (its an inch or so off the ground) but its odd, there are little gray rings all over her tummy (or him i like to think it is a she). then Eg the other one i thought died too...i saw it take its last breath and every crackled and every thing. i ran down to my boyfriend in a panic a few moments later, i went up there and he was alive (eg) zooming around the cage...but he is as before the 'last' breath swimming around with his little nose pointed up bitting at the top of the water....and now he has a black ring and a dark spot....i have never had puffers before and i am sure the water is bad...this is my second first one was a one gallon betta tank....someone please help me i have fallen in love with the little guy and i rescued them from a holocaust of a fish store....there were more dead then alive. and idea of what happend and how i can fiz it...thank you

p.s. i don't know 'tank' terminology so please explane what you are saying...thank you so much

bettababy 02-18-2007 02:34 PM

PuffPuff, before anyone can help you there is some basic information we will need:
1.Size of tank (either number of gallons or exact dimensions L x W x H)
2.How long it has been set up
3.Water parameters (water test results for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH)
(If you don't have your own test kits, most LFS's will test your water for free. Please ask them to write down EXACT results and what test kits they used, this will be important because not all test kits are accurate. Based on the results and kind of test kits used, we can determine better how accurate the results are.
4.Water temperature
5.Feeding schedule and types of foods
6.Filtration (type.. hang on, undergravel, canister, etc and make/model)
7.How often do you perform water exchanges? How much water each time?
8.How often do you perform gravel vac's?
9.Any other information you can provide will help us to determine the problem so we can best help you to fix it and save your fish. I will check in later today to see if you have yet replied.
We'll help all we can, good luck to you and your fish!

lioness501 02-19-2007 03:29 AM

more dead than alive? did u get them from a tank full of dead fish?

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