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FrightyDog 01-26-2014 03:30 PM

Spoiler Button
I believe we should have a spoiler button for out pictures. Some things threads we have are pic heavy and users should have a choice to hide them, plus it makes the website look neater. It is just my opinion but yeah I think that is the way to go.

Chesh 01-26-2014 03:37 PM

*Moved your thread into the suggestions and feedback area of the forum*

I don't know if this is something that we can do with our current software, but we can look into it. . .
Could be helpful for people with slower connections, I imagine.
(but hiding pictures is a crime! *cries*)

Thanks for the suggestion! ^__^

djembekah 01-29-2014 09:06 PM

I just think spoiler buttons are fun lol :-)

SeaHorse 01-31-2014 01:06 PM

Hey... I'm not the brightest sometimes...what is a "spoiler button"? Is there an example you can show me?

crzy2u 01-31-2014 01:59 PM


Originally Posted by SeaHorse (Post 3832314)
Hey... I'm not the brightest sometimes...what is a "spoiler button"? Is there an example you can show me?

A spoiler button is when someone is going to show something (like a picture) that would give away major spoilers/details in things like a TV show, that not everyone has seen yet. To prevent ruining the show for them, and the surprise, the button gives you the option on whether or not you want to see said picture/content.
Although, I don't think we should call it a "spoiler" button. After all, there shouldn't be any spoilers with fish haha. :-|

SeaHorse 01-31-2014 03:16 PM

Thank You for the explanation. That is what I thought it was but couldn't figure out how it would apply to a FISH forum. But now that I read Chesh's post about "hiding pictures", I think that would mean that those on Dial Up wouldn't need to see all those pics... and take all that time to load or get stuck!! They would be hidden unless called up for viewing.

Did I get it right?? Not bad for an old lady!!

Admin_Yungster 02-03-2014 12:19 PM

Hi there,

Thank you for the suggestion. The easiest solution to the issue at hand is for the user to add to their thread title "WARNING: PIC HEAVY" or "WARNING: LOTS OF PICS".

FrightyDog 02-03-2014 12:50 PM

i Like Pictures but Have very Slow Internet. Sometimes i Want To read Theposts, BecauseI've already Seen the pictures.

aussieJJDude 03-10-2014 04:32 AM

Hmmm, I love clicking spoiler buttons!!! It soo addictive - plus it would help all the people with slower connections like so many of you said or like FrightyDog, when you want to read the post but already seen the pics...
Such a useful idea...

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