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LisaC144 12-17-2009 12:24 PM

Bottom feeder similar to cories?
So I started off with 7 cories and I only have 2 left. The 5 have all died over 3 months time. I do think my problem might have been that I added them too early after my cycling was complete. However, after doing some research on this forum, I am finding that my gravel might not be suitable for them as well. My larger cory is fine, but my smaller one lost his barbels (perhaps from too large of gravel). He still eats fine but I feel bad for him. Therefore, instead of gettig more cories that could possibly suffer, I was wondering if there is another type of bottom feeder that would be good to get for sort of small/medium sized substrate. My substrate is not sharp, just larger than "fine" gravel. Any suggestions on other bottom feeders??

BettaKeeper 12-18-2009 06:24 PM

If the gravel isn't sharp, the cories might have lost their barbels due to an infection from high nitrate levels. It'd be best to buy aquarium sand. They also do best in groups of 3 or more so I'd buy one more of the same species.

To help you select other bottom feeders I'd need to know :

How large is your tank? (Edit - is it the tank in your sig?)

What are the water parameters?

What is the temperature? Do you have a heater?

Do you have a filter?

Any live plants?

Any other fish in the tank?

Possibly could you post pictures of your tank and substrate?

LisaC144 12-18-2009 07:47 PM

55 gallon tank
Parameters are 0 ammonia, 7.2 ph, 0 nitrite, 15ppm nitrate
Temperature is 79 degrees (right now it has dropped to 75 desgrees due to the colder temp in my basement during winter. I have an extra heater being delivered next week).
Filter is Aquaclear 110
No live plants, lots of silk and plastic
Tank has Angels, cardinal tetras, 2 female swords, a male silver molly, and a bristlenose pleco

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