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New2Betas 12-16-2009 10:38 PM

What can you tell me about dwarf gouramis?
I am fishless cycling a 20 gallon that I was going to set up as a betta sorority and considering a more peaceful fish like the dwarf qourami because they are still colorful and I really don't want to come home one day to a bunch of dead fish. How many can I add to a 20 gallon regular and what are some good tank mates? What can you tell me about qouamis. Everything I have found online is very general. Also, I do have one very small, very shy, bottom of the food chain (she was in a tank with several other fish), female betta, could she be added to the tank with gpuramis? She has a personality of a tetra.

Angel079 12-17-2009 09:26 AM

They like it heavily planted, ideally with floating plants on the surface as well. Do not like fast moving waters, so have minimum filter output. Best kept wit dark substrate (that's what they'd naturally have) plus it makes their color stand out more. Temp 75-85F Ph 6.5-7.5 KH 5-18 so that would work with your Betta (needing higher temps).
For their behavior they're shy and territorial at the same time. Specially the males can get very aggressive with long fined tank mates (Betta, Guppy & Co) and I'd def recommend to only keep a boy&gal to aviod the males fighting each other.
That all said, if I was you I'd super plant the tank, like totally underwater forest style and then have 1 pair and see how this works with you betta, with a ton of plants to hide and only 1 betta in it chances are it MAY work.

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