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rsn48 12-16-2009 09:45 PM

First step of my new journey
I've decided to wait for "Boxing Day" a Commonwealth holiday which occurs the day after Xmas. Kind of a post Xmas Black Friday. In theory you should see the best deals of the year, but this doesn't always materialize. I think I've settled on a 75 gallon aquarium and stand from King Ed, a local store here and I plan to purchase it on this day hoping for some kind of discount.

But I had to buy something so I just bought my quarantine tank from a "value village" type store where I picked up a 10 gallon aquarium with hood and filter for $12. At least I now have an aquarium in the house, after I purchase my new tank and stand, I'll then have to figure out how to get it home.

Needless to say, I'm excited about my new purchase, post Xmas. So I thought I'd celebrate my new used quarantine tank - any port in a storm! As some of you know this is my return to the hobby for the fourth time, setting up this tank in my bedroom. As I have surfed the web in all matters aquarium, I have found the level of awareness of water conditions has definitely gone up; in my time CO2 seeding was unheard of, and there seems to be more consciousness of tank cycling and the stages a tank will go through - and the tests to perform to ensure a "safe" tank.

So I hope in the not to distant future I'll be able to show pics of my tank and fish. As some are aware here, I'm working at the Winter Olympics in my home town - Vancouver. Things have been crazy as the great event comes closer, but a new level of craziness has just ramped up; this means most of my tank establishment will occur after the end of the regular Olympics - Paralympics 2010 :cheers:follow.

Romad 12-16-2009 10:11 PM

Sounds like you've got your hands full there. Best of luck with your new tank purchase.

What are you working on Olympic-wise??

Hawkian 12-16-2009 10:21 PM

Hey there! Nice to hear from a fellow Canadian!

BTW... how did you ever get a hold of a 10g tank for 10$?????? I know I know you told us. I'm just jealous. So I love a good story and this post has done it for me! Good one! I'm sorry I missed your first few posts but welcome to the forum!

This being said... what are you planning to add to your quarantine tank? Substrate? Plants? Do you know what you want to keep in the big one? Details! Details!

Have you checked if King Ed delivers? Most stores will deliver for a fee: a 75g doesn't usually fit in most car trunks.

Definitely keep us posted on the progress of your journey. BTW, the Olympic torch was here this week (Hawkesbury, ON) so it looks like it'll get to you right around the time you're ready to spend your money! ;-)

rsn48 12-16-2009 11:53 PM

For some reason, I'm really not suppose to say where I am working, which is one of those great mysteries of life, but think of men and brooms... lol! I am a Venue Manager. This is the same company that has worked on at least 5 or 6 past Olympics, works the Super Bowl, etc. I have been told if I work out here, I could probably work the London Olympics, which would be fun, Super Bowl, etc.

Yes, King Ed will deliver for $30, but the guy said if I bought most of my stuff there I could probably get free delivery - sounds good.

For my large tank, I want a planted tank with "some" fish, not a highly populated tank fish wise as I have done in my other incarnations in the hobby. I was going to go with something smaller than 75 but I have a new found love in the Red line Torpedo Barb which is a beautiful fish. Since these guys/gals can reach 6 inches I thought I'd be better with a four foot long tank. I also wanted a deeper tank than 12 inches to handle the plants. My understanding these barbs should be together in a group of five. So I'll have these Barbs, some cory's, maybe one or two algae eaters, some shrimp and some other fish, I'm not sure what yet.

Filter - I toyed with a canister filter supplemented by an under gravel jobbie, but after posting here and researching else where, it appears that the under gravel filter is not recommended. I've bounced around from brand to brand in filters, the Rena's seems to have some feel they are a tad noisy (my tank will be in my bedroom). I love the new Fuval G series but they are too pricey for a canister filter. So I will probably use a fluval 305/405 or an Eheim. I was an Eheim guy in my former life; I know the Eheims are quiet and efficient.
With my quarantine tank, I have actually been puzzling what to do with it. I have read that you should use the water from the original aquarium to fill the tank when a fish is quarantined, this makes sense but then I wondered if the tank ecology would crash. Any suggestions?

By the way, the chap who owns the company that is doing all the TV news bits and still photography for the torch is a close personal friend, he was in Kingston for the torch relay there. Right now I am involved in massive training for myself and others, then working out venue details. Construction is still going on at my site.

mrdemin 12-17-2009 12:08 AM

How cool to be part of something the size of the Olympics!

As for the fish tank congratulations, 75g is very nice, and leaves you with many stocking options. My personal preference would be discus, I just cannot get over how pretty they are along with their personalities. Of course they are very sensitive and require a lot of attention, not to mention they cost noticably more than all the other fw fish. Plants are a very good idea, they add so much to the aquarium.

I'm sure we are all waiting impatiently for updates and pictures once you start your project, so get moving!!

Hawkian 12-17-2009 07:24 AM

Oooo... that IS a beautiful fish and if Wikipedia is to be believed, a recent addition to the fish keeping hobby. You'll haver to keep us posted on what's involved in their care and definitely have to post some pics! :-)

Angel079 12-17-2009 09:17 AM

75g - How cool! You'll love it, plant it nicely let them thrive and grow, wonderful :-)

Just outta experience my 2 cents on the QT: Add substrate if you choose and a filter (sponge filter will do, here they're like $5-6) and heat. But don't go "fancy" on it. I'd def not suggest plants, medications & plants is a bad mixture I just learned the hard way. If (God forbid this happens to you) you have sick fish and need treatment in there, cleaning up with next to nothing in the tank will be MUCH easier.

rsn48 12-17-2009 11:40 PM

Thanks for the suggestions Angel, I'll keep the quarantine tank simple. The sponge filter sounds good. I don't know if this link will take, but here is an idea of a tank I'd like to copy. You will notice this chaps tank is way over stocked with Red Line Torpedo Barbs as he has forgotten they grow to 6 inches, but despite his over stalking, the tank is beautiful. I'm re-thinking adding Cory's and copying is ground grass (or whatever it is):

Angel079 12-18-2009 08:23 AM

NICE choice, almost Alamo style tank there! Way to go!

You don't have to give up on Cory's because of a carpeted foreground. Just pant it, let it root down for a little while and then add Cory's. They won't pull that up, just sniffle around it in an that's it :-)

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