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DanaJ 02-17-2007 01:46 PM

What to do
My tank has been set up for nearly 7 weeks now. The nitrites have been around .25 for a little while. I've been doing water changes(about 20%) every 10 days or so. The ammonia has zeroed out. The other day the nitrites spiked to 1. I did a water change that night, by the next day they were back down to a trace- .25
What's going on? How can I not get them zero?
My tank is growing diatoms like crazy. Everything is coated(thickly in many of the areas). It's also turning to green algea in parts.
Ideas? Just patience?
I want to add in a few more fish, but I can't bring myself to do it just yet because of the trace nitrites.... It's getting frustrating, and no one would answer all the questions I had in a previous thread, even after being bumped.

Amphitrite 02-17-2007 06:00 PM

Hi DanaJ,

Can you give a little more info please? What size is the tank, what are you using to cycle it, and what kind of test kit are you using.

Is the tank planted at all, and can you give nitrate readings please?

DanaJ 02-17-2007 06:26 PM

It is not planted.
29gallon. 5 danios cycling it. Doing really well, and are very active and healthy.
Nitrate readings are less than 5.
The test kit is the masters test kit. Never had any problems with it, and it was the one recommended to me by some people who are extremely knowledgeable about fish.
That help any?

Lupin 02-17-2007 08:09 PM

Hi Dana.:wave:

Your diatoms will normally grow in new tanks.:) Just scrub them if they become unsightly. Why don't you want nitrites to become zero?:question: The moment it will lower down, your nitrates should be the next one to spike. It appears you were doing well.:)

DanaJ 02-17-2007 09:08 PM

Well I do want my nitrites to be zero, that's the whole problem- they're not.
The nitrates did spike already(a little while back), but now they are staying around 2.5 to 5 being the highest.
The ammonia was a trace, but it has been zero lately.

*sigh* edit to above post. I meant to type: Why can't I get them(nitrites) to zero? What am I doing wrong?
I think soon enough I'm just going to reach for the easy solution- add something to the water.

musho3210 02-17-2007 09:18 PM

you could buy a small bottle of stess zyme, like 4 oz. When the nitrite is spiked to .25-.5 use the reccomended dose and dont do a water change, if it is above .5 then dont dose and do a water change.

DanaJ 02-17-2007 09:24 PM

Well it seems like that is what I'm going to do.
The nitrites are staying at .25

Amphitrite 02-18-2007 04:43 AM

DanaJ, I would just keep up regular water changes to prevent the nitrite levels from getting too high.

Danios are hardy fish, and as you said they are looking healthy. Sometimes this stage of the cycle can take a bit longer, but the nitrites will drop eventually.

The good thing is that you have nitrates and no ammonia reading, which shows that the tank is in the final stages of the cycle. Do you have a nitrate reading from your tapwater at all?

DanaJ 02-18-2007 10:57 AM

No, I don't have any nitrate readings from the tap water, at the moment.

Amphitrite 02-18-2007 11:25 AM

That's good. Just keep up the regular water changes and your tank should finish cycling very soon.

Do you have any idea of what you want to stock it with when the cycle is complete?

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